City of Dredd

Everything Comes Back To 2000AD

In 2011, CITY OF DREDD, an unofficial 446-page gazetteer detailing the locations of MEGA-CITY ONE, the home of JUDGE DREDD, was published in paperback and PDF formats to universal critical acclaim, described as both indispensible and a phenomenon of its genre. It has become an invaluable aid for professional 2000AD writers including John Wagner, Dredd’s creator, and legions of fan-fiction scribes. CITY OF DREDD attempts to list every single location to have ever appeared on official Dreddworld media barring the movies which have established divergent continuities. It includes the comic strips, newspaper strips, novels, computer games, audio dramas and cherry-picks material from the roleplaying games where they do not conflict with the comic strip continuity.


In 2012, to commemorate 2000AD’s 35th anniversary and the return to theatrical screens of Judge Dredd, CITY OF DREDD returns with a 2134 edition (2134 the year that Judge Dredd’s adventures presently take place…

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  1. I highly recommend this book, outstanding.

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