Judge Dredd RPG Setting & how the Player Characters fit in

The game is set firmly in current continuity of Judge Dredd in 2000AD & Judge Dredd Megazine – that is 122 years ahead of the current year.  So as of writing the IN Game year is 2134.

The city is currently in a very volatile situation post Chaos Day, the population has been slashed from 400m to 50m. Judges suffered 60% losses and have had their numbers boosted by robot units from Brit Cit, MC1 Space Corps and Mutant volunteers from the Mutant Townships.

The Council of Five is yet to be confirmed:
Chief Judge Barbara Hershey
SJS Chief Arthur Buell

All players must commence as either a Cadet or Street Judge. There will soon be templates for quick start characters and rules for bespoke characters. Players I have previously had experience with may start with characters from previous games, so long as they are translated into current rules – this can be done easily through discussion between myself and the player. Eventually experienced players may be permitted more varied characters.

All characters will be given tasks to undertake, depending on what the player some games will be long and continuous others may be short, around 4 to 6 weeks estimated. I prefer longer more detailed games without hard deadlines.

I will be using NPCs from previous games on a previous forum. No prior knowledge will be required as I will provide sufficient details of each NPC for each game they appear in.

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