Judge Dredd RPG Forum

(EDIT 8th May 2015 – this was the original intention but was discontinued. If I ever restart the idea there will be a new announcement)

OK, my Forum is up. Pretty basic right now but we are advert free thanks to my good friend Jake over at OCDhost.


Please feel free to pop over, there are areas Guests can’t see right now but they all come in to view if you register. Lurkers are welcome. In fact if people lurk I’ll make a wee group for them.

I would like usernames to be as normal as possible, doesn’t have to be your real name, can be your character if you want. But so long as there is nothing crude or offensive all good.

The bit that needs looking at is the Character Generation Forum in the Rules area. I want players to have a guide to how good their character is, or isn’t, so I’ve adapted some RPG rules. These are a guideline and are intended to assist with the story, not detract from it.

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One comment on “Judge Dredd RPG Forum

  1. Sorry but the RPG project ceased.

    If you are looking for a Judge Dredd game though let me know and I may be able to help.

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