spoilers – Judge Minty fan film, my 2nd Review – spoilers

Judge Minty is the long-awaited ‘fan film’ from director Steven Sterlacchini, co-written with Michael Carroll. Before the film was released the team shared images and videos to show that they were going for a look very similar to the comic. From the uniforms and weapons designed by Prop and Costume Creator Daniel Carey-George has come the licensed products from Planet Replicas

I first saw the film on Monday, 12th November 2012 as part of Leeds International Film Festival 2012 as the Hi-Fi Club in Leeds. There is a spoiler free review that I wrote after that screening, if you do not want to read any spoilers I’d suggest you stop reading this and visit – here. There is more preamble and further warnings to turn back if you want to avoid spoilers.

I saw the film a second time on Sunday, 18th November 2012 as part of Thought Bubble 2012 at the Alea Casino, Leeds.

The film is currently only available at Film Festivals and Comic Conventions so fans of 2000AD are having to be patient as they wait for the film to get to a venue near them. When I now more venues I will publicise them. I must say though, the wait will be worthwhile.

Again, there are spoilers in this review. I will try to keep this ‘spoiler light’ but how much spoilery is too much varies from person to person. The whole script for Dredd (3D) was leaked and I know that many people read it before seeing the film. I didn’t, I don’t like spoilers. So as I don’t like spoilers I think my judgement of when I’m saying too much should hopefully be a good guide.  I have also checked with Steven Sterlacchini for anything he would prefer I do not mention, I am going to honour his wishes and keep quiet about certain things. Continue reading

Judge Minty – spoiler free review

Judge Minty is the long awaited ‘fan film’ from director Steven Sterlacchini, co-written with Michael Carroll. (edit: there is a link to the film at the end of this article –  as well as links to Interviews with many of the cast and crew)

The story follows Judge William Minty, a Street Judge that has found his long years on the hard streets of Mega City One has made him more lenient rather than bitter and twisted. The character was created by John Wagner and Mike McMahon and in panel we saw Judge Minty take the long Walk in to the Cursed Earth.

The film picks up pretty much where the comic took us, with a short introduction to keep the story complete and easily understood. Though short the beginning does not feel like an intro just to get to the main action. Indeed it builds the character of Minty well, we are shown that there was respect between Dredd and Minty and the script slowly reveals the issues at hand. Continue reading