A Legend Kindled? ‘The Legend of Ellie Quin, Book1’ by Alex Scarrow (spoiler – very light)

Alex Scarrow is a published author with a successful science fiction series for Young Adults, TimeRiders, published by Puffin. He also has a number of  thrillers aimed at adults, A Thousand Suns, Last Light, Afterlight, October Skies and The Candleman.the-legend-of-ellie-quin-by-alex-scarrow

The Legend of Ellie Quin is a self published series available on Amazon for Kindle. I’m not exactly a technophobe, after all I am writing a book review on a blog. But I am old fashioned and I like the experience of reading a book. I like the fresh smell, I like turning the pages. I can see the use of a Kindle for storing a back catalogue to re-read on the move. But at the moment I am resisting change.

However, I took this opportunity to try out this Kindle thing. I downloaded the App for my Android phone and I purchased Book 1 of The Legend of Ellie Quin by Alex Scarrow. Why this book? I’ve read all of the TimeRiders series and two of his adult works, The Candleman is next in my ‘to read’ pile. So I was confident that being familiar with his work would aid me in this new experience. Continue reading

How Adaptable are we to Adaptations?

I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet, but the weekend after writing this I will have done. In anticipation I have avoided all spoilers. I know nothing about the film. That is apart from reading the book, only twice, about 26 years ago. As well as all that received knowledge over the years, details from friends, reading Lord of the Rings, etc.

I know nothing about the film.

Will I enjoy the adaptation?

Well I assume the differences I remember in style between novel, The Hobbit, and the the sequels, Lord of the Rings trilogy (six books according to my mate, Dave, I only see three books. “There are three books!”) will be addressed. The are definite differences I recall. The Elves for one. The Dwarves too, but is that fair as in the Hobbit there are many to compare with the lone Gimli?

One thing I can be certain of. If I like the film there will be many that don’t. All down to how much we can accept a film diverging from the source material.

So let me turn this away from a fondly remembered book, and sequels to that book, of my youth. Let me consider a subject so much closer to my heart. Judge Dredd.

Almost 36 years of reading Dredd. Yes I know people are still saying ‘35 Years of Thrill Power‘ but that was February. Continue reading

Judge Minty Screenings (updated 22/01/13)


Screenings have been announced for February

Belfast Heroes and Legends 16th & 17th February.

Glasgow Film Festival Tuesday 19th February.

And don’t forget that the film will be at the Cardiff International Comic and Animation Expo, on the weekend of 2nd & 3rd March 2013, at the Mercure Holland House Hotel.


As promised here are a couple of dates that you can catch Judge Minty screenings.

Chances are most people reading this are fully aware as most of my traffic comes from the Judge Minty Blog, thanks Steven!

A bit short notice, Saturday 8th December 2012 Canny Comic Con at Newscastle Central Libraries.

A little more time for you to consider. The day of the screening is yet to be confirmed but the film will be at the Cardiff International Comic and Animation Expo, on the weekend of 2nd & 3rd March 2013, at the Mercure Holland House Hotel.

If you can make it to these or future screenings go, you will love it!

Coming soon…

During the festive period I will be writing a few blog entries about this year.

Dredd 3d Retrospective
This will be spoiler riddled and aimed at those that have seen the film.

The Year of Dredd
I’ll be reviewing the great year I have had as a Dredd fan. I will be including spoiler (light to medium) comments on Dredd 3d, Judge Minty and some of the big things that have happened in 2000ad and the Megazine.

Ketsueki – Graphic novel by Richmond Clements, Inko and Bolt-01 – spoilers very light

Ketsueki is a graphic novel published by Markosia Enterprises.

Written by Richmond Clements
Art by Inko
Lettered by Bolt-01.

The story is set in an alternative history of feudal Japan. The main character is Lady Tsuji, bearer of the titular Ketsueki, a sword with magical abilities, a Demon Killer. Raised by her father, the Shogun, Tsuji is a sorceress, a warrior and her father’s champion. Continue reading

Change of Blog usage

Originally this Blog, Judge-Tutor Semple, was going to only be for 2000AD, Judge Dredd and related topics. I was going to use other Blogs, using the same Chiropterarex username, to write about other things.

I have decided to use this blog for all my reviews. So far I have written a review of the major release Dredd 3D, spoiler free, and two reviews of the fan film Judge Minty, one spoiler free and one with spoilers. In the next few weeks I will be putting up reviews  of independent Graphic Novels and moving on to novels. I’ll mostly be reviewing carefully chosen subjects, from creators I already know I like.

My first graphic novel review will be Ketsueki by Richmond Clements, Inko and Bolt-01. Richmond and Bolt are fellow members of the 2000AD Forum and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them in person a few times now. I bought Ketsueki at Thought Bubble 2012 and decided it was time I reviewed a comic. Richmond has asked me to review Babble by Lee Robson, Bryan Coyle and Eddie Deighton.

I will start my attempts at reviewing novels sometime soon after Christmas Day with Ellie Quin by Alex Scarrow, which will be released free on Christmas Day – check out the website for details. Alex is already a successful writer with a number of books for mature readers and the Time Riders series for young adults.

I hope readers of this blog enjoy reading my reviews as much as I am enjoying writing them.