Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift – a ‘Quick Reads’ book by Mike Tucker – spoiler light

QR2013This book is part of the 2013 Quick Reads released on 14th February 2013.

I’m assuming most people that have read anything on my blog read books. I may be wrong. After all one in six adults in the UK have difficulty reading books. That isn’t even counting people that can read books but don’t for whatever reason.

So why am I talking about Quick Reads to people I assume read?

These books are only £1.00. Why not buy one for someone who doesn’t read books. They are short, the print is larger than average without being large print. The books are always either by top authors or are popular subjects. Even if none of this years’ books are what you want you might find one on Amazon that is more what you are looking for.

sw silurian

This book, as you can see, features the Doctor as portrayed by Matt Smith. He doesn’t have any assistant with him and it isn’t clear where in continuity it is intended to fit.

The story is set in Antarctica and though the date isn’t mentioned I get the feeling it is in the near future. PelCorp, owned by business tycoon Rick Pelham, has found a new source of clean energy beneath the south pole ice-cap.

The Doctor is intrigued how PelCorp could find a new source of energy the first time they drilled in the Antarctic. He is further puzzled how they can extract it and refine it in mere weeks.

After one of his workers is attacked by a mysterious monster he accepts an offer of help from the Doctor. The Doctor accepts the help of a young woman, Lizzie Davies, who gets in on the trip by pretending to be the Doctor’s assistant.

What could be behind this intriguing plot? Well probably Silurians as they are in the title.

This is typical fare for a Doctor Who book, there are plot twists, there are a few surprises, there are multiple uses of the sonic screwdriver – but then that is what is required for a Quick Read. The whole point is to present an unchallenging but enjoyable read, this book manages this.

Try out a Quick Read or, as I suggested at the beginning, treat someone to one. Lets bring down that 1 in 6 figure.

2 comments on “Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift – a ‘Quick Reads’ book by Mike Tucker – spoiler light

  1. greenwoodkod says:

    One in sex adults have difficulty reading?

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