Fox Fest at Snooty Fox featuring King Nothing – promoted by aLive Promotions.

Saturday 23rd February, Snooty Fox, Wakefield.snootyalive

Fox Fest, promoted by Jim Cameron of  aLive Promotions.

FOX FEST 2013 BAND SCHEDULE (reverse order)

1. King Nothing (LEEDS)
2. The More I See (PETERBOROUGH)
4. RONIN (Worcester)
5. Defy All Reason (WREXHAM)
7. Kill the Silence (LEEDS)
8. Sea of Abrogation (WAKEFIELD)

King Nothing

King Nothing:
Lead Singer – Stone, seated left; Lead Guitar – Colt, stood rear; Bass Guitar – Leo, seated right; Drums – Raff, seated ground.

I’ve been to the Snooty Fox quite a few times now, each time to support King Nothing. Though the venue is in Wakefield and King Nothing are from Lees this venue is home-from-home.

I’ll admit to a little bias, the Bassist, Leo, is my nephew. Bias aside, I genuinely love the music these guys perform. They perform mostly their own material and thrive on audience feedback.

Stone and Colt, who are brothers, founded the band in 2006. Leo joined the band later and Raff completed the current line-up in 2011.

The band were voted to headline the Fox Fest by public vote run by aLive Promotions. They always bring a good following to the Snooty Fox and this was no exception. The King Nothing Court (that isn’t an official name for the fan base, just something I came up with) was out in force. Rob Mitchel, the band’s Manager was on site with copies of the new single L.T.G.T.R. (Let The Good Times Roll).

This song, along with Bad Blood, is always a crowd pleaser but the guys have a number of songs that fans simply can’t get enough of live.

The Snooty Fox is a great venue with excellent sound. There are a number of cameras dotted around and Malc streams bands live from 20:00 onward at most gigs. The place has very friendly staff and drinks are not over priced. It is easy to find, from Wakefield Kirkgate train station, walk forwards… it is right in front of you, on the left about 400 meteres down the road leading from the station; to say ‘you can’t miss it’ is a truism.

Sadly I missed the first two bands due to having to work and then get over to Wakefield from Leeds. First band I saw then was THIRTEEN16. I have never seen this band before but interestingly (to me anyway) the bassist went to school with my son’s fiance, Ellis (Saul and Ellis were with me). They were an entertaining band, though a bit of ad-lib would have been good to cover the lead singer/guitarist having to fit a string.

Defy all Reason had traveled over from Wrexham and I’m glad they did. Thoroughly enjoyed their set. The Welsh band went down well and I think they found Yorkshire welcoming.

Ronin front man, Kit Kinrade, instantly impressed with his white military style outfit, quite how he lasted under those layers is beyond me. A very entertaining set and it went down well with the ladies of the King Nothing Court.

JD and the FDCs look like they are in for a good time ahead. I just wish they’d brought their friend Amy Dumas with them… If you don’t know who she is, your loss.

The More I see had everyone waiting for their act, including the other bands. Lead Guitarist and founding member, Gizz Butt, was a member of chart topping Prodigy for four years. And they didn’t fail to entertain.

King Nothing headlined and the boys were great. They are a marvelous live band and I’d recommend going along to see them if you get a chance. Check out the interview they gave Project Alpha TV before the show on You Tube and LTGTR is on there too.

Get along sometime to Snooty Fox, preferably when King Nothing are there but don’t let their absence put you off.



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