Doctor Who: The Bells of St John – spoilers light

Doctor Who - Series 7B

First Aired BBC1 18:15 30th March 2013

Writer: Stephen Moffat
Director: Colm McCarthy

The Doctor: Matt Smith
Clara Oswald: Jenna-Louise Coleman
Miss Kizlet: Celia Imrie

This is the first episode of the second part of Season 7 (or Season 33). I must say I’m not that happy with short runs, two sets of shows in a year is fine but I’d rather there were larger blocks. I’m also not keen on the decision to have no two-parters. That aside I still look forward to each new episode.

This episode we meet Clara Oswald, again. We first met her in the first episode of the current series, Asylum of the Daleks (first aired BBC1 1 September 2012). Then she was called Oswin Oswald, the sole survivor of a crashed spaceship on Skaro. We then met her in the Christmas Special, The Snowmen (first aired BBC1 25 December 2012). This time called Clara Oswin Oswald, a Governess for two children whose mother had died.
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The Eagle Series (Macro & Cato) by Simon Scarrow – light spoilers

The Eagle Series, also known as Cato & Macro – Novels written by Simon Scarrow

Published by Headline (UK) & Thomas Dunne Books (USA)

It was a rainy day in Leeds when I first encountered a book by Simon Scarrow. I had finished the current novel I had been reading, can’t recall what it was, and was facing an hour-long commute home. I walked through Leeds outdoor market to a bookstore there that I knew had good priced new books – I do buy second-hand sometimes but prefer new. I browsed and saw ‘The Eagles Conquest’, it was a different cover to the main picture above.

(edit 8th Feb 2014 – the 12th book The Blood Crows is available in hardback & I wrote a review on 29th Jan 2014)

(edit 30th Oct 2014 –  the 13th book Brothers in Blood is available In hardback & I wrote a review on 21st Oct 20014)

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Trench Coat and Trilby (part 1) a short story by Steve Hargett


This story isn’t to be taken too seriously as a literary work. It is a bit of a joke with my work colleagues, written for their amusement. I won’t go in to details as from this no-one can be identified. However when my colleagues read it almost every character that appears in the story is based on one of them.

No one was offended and those that have read it have told me it was good – though as I say it is full of in-jokes. in fact one person who isn’t in the story has asked to have a part included. I have written it in such a way that the in-jokes should be invisible, or at least almost transparent. The story should read clearly for everyone who doesn’t know the people upon whom the characters are based.

This is just under half of the project, the second part will be published here in April after my colleagues have read it.
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Judge Minty – Coming Soon online! – light spoilers

2000AD announced on their main news page yesterday (Wednesday 27th March) that the team behind the wonderful Judge Minty fan film would soon be online. To herald the arrival a new trailer has been released.

The film is a ‘not for profit venture’ and has received a lot of kind support from Rebellion, the publishers of 2000AD. Everyone involved gave their time for free.

The script was written by Written By Steven Sterlacchini & Michael Carroll. Directed by Written By Steven Sterlacchini with Stephen Green as Director of Photography and Digital Imagery. Storyboards by Barry Renshaw.

I’ve already done two reviews of this excellent short film and I’ve put up several sets of details of screenings of the film. This version however, the online version, will be the final cut. As you can read over on the 2000AD there are extra scenes in this final cut that haven’t been seen in any of the screenings at Comic Cons & Film Festivals.

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The Princess Bride – a film directed by Rob Reiner – spoiler light

The Princess Bride – Directed by Rob Reiner


Peter Falk
Fred Savage

Cary Elwes
Robin Wright
Wallace Shawn
Mandy Patinkin
Andre The Giant
Chris Sarandon

Originally released in the US in 1987 and on general release in the UK in March 1988. I saw this earlier this month in a special 25th anniversary screening at Leeds Kirkstall Road Vue.

I first saw this film on VHS round a mate’s house. I hadn’t heard about it in the 80s, if I had I’d have seen it at the cinema I’m sure. I bought the 20th anniversary DVD a few years ago but this was the first time I had seen this on the big screen, having seen it dozens of times on the small screen. My son and daughter like this film and last year I bought it for my Mum for her birthday – she loved it too. Continue reading

Judge Dredd: Year One

JD Year 1 subscriptionJudge Dredd: Year One issue 1 published by IDW

Script: Matt Smith
Art: Simon Coleby
Colours: Leonard O’Grady
Letters: Chris Mowry
Cover Art: Carlos Ezquerra
Cover Colours: Leonard O’Grady

Other covers available
Top Right: Greg Staples
Bottom: Right Dave Sim

JD Year 1 standard

I bought the Carlos Ezquerra cover, last one in the shop. I’d have been happy with the Greg Staples cover but was pleased to get the one I did.

So far I haven’t been too impressed with the IDW run of Judge Dredd, still buying it to give it a fair chance. I’m OK with the fact the setting isn’t quite the same. IDW Dredd is a parallel universe to the one seen in 2000AD. But the IDW stories just aren’t up to grade in my opinion.

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Coriolanus – a film directed by Ralph Fiennes – light spoilers


A film Directed by Ralph Fiennes

Screen Play by John Logan
based on the original play by William Shakespeare.


Ralph Fiennes
Gerard Butler
Brian Cox
Vanessa Redgrave
James Nesbitt

This film was recommended to me via Twitter by a Dalek – seriously – Nicholas Pegg is one of the regular performers who control the Daleks in Doctor Who. Nicholas has worked on several Shakespearean stage plays, I’ve never seen any of his performances, so when he said this film was in his top ten of Shakespeare films it made sense to listen. Though it took two months before I bought a copy – DVD currently on sale in Morrisons for £5.00 – and I’m very glad I did. Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1824 – general release 20/03/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1824

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 16th March 2013

General release in print & digital 20th March 2013

Cover by D’Israeli

This issue is what is commonly referred to as a  ‘Jump on Prog’, this means that all the stories are either stand alone or 1st part of a continuing story. 2000AD do a ‘Jump on Prog’ ate fairly regular intervals to enable new readers to have a clean start, or to entice lapsed readers back.

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The Painted Man – a novel by Peter V Brett – spoiler light

The Painted Man by Peter V Brett

Published by Harper Voyager

First published 1 September 2008

Published in USA by Del Rey as The Warded Man

This is the first book in the Demon Cycle, book two The Desert Spear is available in paperback and book three, The Daylight War is available in hardback. I read a promotional edition exclusive to Waterstones priced £2.99.

This book was recommended to me via Twitter by Lauren, Planet Replica‘s Judge Anderson. I don’t always do everything pretty models tell me to do, but in this case I am glad I did.

There are spoilers below but I am keeping them as light as possible while giving a full review. The biggest spoiler I will leave unsaid, who is the Painted Man? Continue reading