Coming in March

Had a good set of graphic novels to review in February, not sure I will match those this month. But I will start reviewing the weekly 2000ad Prog on Wednesdays.

Didn’t get chance to do a review of Professor Brian Cox, will look at doing that this month.

I will review The Painted Man, a novel by Paul V Brett. Also in novels I will do an article about the Eagle stores of novels by Simon Scarrow.

New from this month I will be writing some short stories and posting them on here. First up will be Trenchcoat & Trilby, a detective story set in prohibition Chicago.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this blog.

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2 comments on “Coming in March

  1. greenwoodkod says:

    I’ve got The Painted Man but not read it yet so will look forward to that one. I’ve added the 2 sequels to my Christmas pressie list too.

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