2000AD Prog 1824 – general release 20/03/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1824

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 16th March 2013

General release in print & digital 20th March 2013

Cover by D’Israeli

This issue is what is commonly referred to as a  ‘Jump on Prog’, this means that all the stories are either stand alone or 1st part of a continuing story. 2000AD do a ‘Jump on Prog’ ate fairly regular intervals to enable new readers to have a clean start, or to entice lapsed readers back.

There are light spoilers in this review.

In this Prog

Judge Dredd: Cypher part 1

Script: Michael Carroll
Art: Inaki Miranda
Colours: Eva De La Cruz
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

This story starts off in Mega City Two sometime following the action in Judge Dredd: Wolves (Progs 1820 to 1822), presumably not long after the end of that story. Chief Judge Hershey, accompanied by Dredd is touring the city with Envoy Larionov, accompanied by Judge Pax. The Envoy is a Judge, I am not certain but I assume that political positions are drawn from a particular division of Sov Judges rather than selected from Senior Street Judges as most likely for Mega City One.

I was delighted to see this as the lead story in this Prog, mostly as it seems my assumption in my review of Wolves is correct.

This story builds directly on to details we saw in Wolves showing where the relationship between Mega City One and Sov City Two stand regarding the newly populated Mega City Two.  Hopefully Michael Carroll will reveal more as the story progresses.

Pax is already an intriguing character, the antagonist is also rather intriguing too.

Dandridge: The Copper Conspiracy part 1

Script: Alec Worley
Art: Warren Pleece
Letters: Ellie de Ville

Set in an alternate reality of 1980s England. In the Victorian era trading in ghosts & spectral items is big business. Dandridge was a ghost hunter until he died. He was held for decades before escaping and made corporeal again.

A Faerie item, the Blade of Oberon, is missing. Dandridge had been hired to appropriate it from the criminals holding it but sent his assistant instead. Shelley, an eight foot tall golem made of flesh (a ‘Frankenstiens Monster’ more or less) successfully obtained the item but lost possession when aiding an innocent woman (silly Frankies…).

Dandridge hasn’t been in 2000AD since Prog 2012 (the bumper sized issue published just before Christmas 2011) and though I can recall Dredd stories from 1970s I need reminding of this story to say much more. I remember enjoying previous outings but can’t recall how much I enjoyed them.

Tharg’s 3rillers: Survival Geeks part 1

Script: Gordon Rennie & Emma Beeby
Art: Neil Googe
Colours: Gary Caldwell
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Tharg’s 3rillers are 3 part stories usually with a sci-fi setting.

In this story Sam, a young woman presumably ‘student aged’, wakes up next to a strange man she vaguely remembers from the night before. Alarmingly she is wearing his Star Wars t-shirt that he was wearing the night before.

The man’s room is a tip, and a geeky tip at that…

Sam gathers her belongings, dresses quickly and attempts to leave before the stranger wakes, still wearing his t-shirt.

She soon finds things are not quite what she expects… and she finds that the man’s housemates are equally, or perhaps more, odd. She certainly isn’t in Kansas anymore (though to be fair she wasn’t in Kansas to begin with). Not only that Simon might not get his t-shirt back.

This is a fun start to the story. The art is cartoony and the characters are very stereotyped – but that is fine by me.

Stickleback: Number of The Beast part 1

Script: Ian Eddington
Art: D’Israeli
Letters: Ellie de Ville

Stickleback was last seen in Prog 1676 in 2010, plunging to his presumed death. Stickleback is however somewhat unusual. He is a crookedly built man with an enlarged and exposed spine. Some of his affiliates are clearly supernatural.

So it is little surprise to find he has been resurrected in this double sized first episode (10 pages). Stickleback has usually been introduced in the aforementioned bumper issues published before Christmas with a 10 page intro. So the creative team are used to this format. The first few pages do not include reference to Stickleback and are not instantly connected to his appearance.

This is again a parallel dimension, 19th Century London. Stickleback is a crimelord, the setting is a mix of supernatural and steampunkesque.

Twists and turns are expected.

Next Prog

The fifth story in the new line up will be introduced – Zombo by Al Ewing & Henry Flint.

And of course part 2 of all the stories above.


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