Judge Dredd: Year One

JD Year 1 subscriptionJudge Dredd: Year One issue 1 published by IDW

Script: Matt Smith
Art: Simon Coleby
Colours: Leonard O’Grady
Letters: Chris Mowry
Cover Art: Carlos Ezquerra
Cover Colours: Leonard O’Grady

Other covers available
Top Right: Greg Staples
Bottom: Right Dave Sim

JD Year 1 standard

I bought the Carlos Ezquerra cover, last one in the shop. I’d have been happy with the Greg Staples cover but was pleased to get the one I did.

So far I haven’t been too impressed with the IDW run of Judge Dredd, still buying it to give it a fair chance. I’m OK with the fact the setting isn’t quite the same. IDW Dredd is a parallel universe to the one seen in 2000AD. But the IDW stories just aren’t up to grade in my opinion.

That stops here.

This story has a good feel to it, I guess that is because the writer, Matt Smith, is the editor of 2000AD. He knows the character as well as anyone, well maybe other than John Wagner and Alan Grant.

March 10th 2080, Dredd has been out of the Academy just under a year. We don’t know if he is a clone of Fargo, if he had a brother called Rico. IDW haven’t told us that yet. So all we know is that Dredd is going to be a top Judge but right now he is little more than a rookie.

Numerous juves in an age range of 1 to 18 years old are undergoing sudden surges Psi abilities that they had not previously displayed. Dredd was on scene for one such incident.

He visits Psi Div HQ where the juve he apprehended was being evaluated. Psi Div was established by Chief Justice Solomon shortly before he retired. We don’t know exactly where in continuity this fits but Dredd mentions ’20 years ago’ so somewhere between 2057 (as in 2000AD continuity) and 2060. Psi Div can’t give him anything solid.

Dredd patrols the city and we see him dispensing a warning to a Simp and cubing a thief to 2 years in the cubes before he responds to a bank heist, performed by two juves, one with Psi abilities.

Excellent story pacing and the character of Dredd and the city is spot on. I’m definitely left wanting more of this. Hopefully the main run at IDW will catch up.

The art is a little heavy on shadow at time but there are some wonderful panels, such as the look exchanged between Dredd and the juve in panel 4 on page 13. As with the script the art felt right too.

So I will be reserving the rest of this series at my local comic store. You can pick this up at most good comic stores (don’t try WHS, they are not a comic store, not even a poor one) or you can easily find it online – I’d recommend Disposable Heroes they did a great job with the Free Comic Book Day things I missed due to working.

Next Issue


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