USA National Poetry Month – April – ‘English Language’ by Steve Hargett

This month is National Poetry Month in the USA.

I’m British, living in Britain. But I heard about this and I decided that I’d mark the month in the spirit it is intended. I’ll do another when our National Poetry Day comes round 0n 3rd October. I’ll have to wait till next 21st March for World Poetry Day.

‘English Language’

An original Poem by

Steve Hargett

English is more than a word,
English is more than a nation,
English is all about communication.

In the UK we worry about how they talk across the pond.
Where they use words of which we aren’t fond.

U mA not lIk txt spk bt don’t b a h8ta,
Cos U knO U won’t rED it n d papR.

§0m€ 7h¡nk ¡7 ¡§ ç00£ 70 7¥p€ ¡7,
Bµ7 ¥0µ ç@n’7 §p€@k £€€7 0n 7h€ §7r€€7.

I must admit to my own bias; in text I use punctuation,
Online I try to remain clear in my communication.

Poems don’t need rhyme,
They don’t require pentameter,
You can stand on your own feet.

Or walk, or run,
Mix it up for a bit of fun.

We’d have a shorter dictionary if it hadn’t been for Shakespeare,
It seems to me that he knew what we all seem to fear.

English breathes,
English lives.

English evolves.


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