It was Never Like This in the Movies – A short story by Steve Hargett


This is not a fully polished story, it is a first draft. This is a setting i may revisit and I may re-write this particular story. The main reason I wrote this is due to conversations between one of my friends and myself about the type of Zombie MMPORPG.

It was Never Like This in the Movies


Steve Hargett

It was never like this in the movies.

When it first happened there was chaos, they were fewer than us but so much stronger. They didn’t tire, they didn’t feel pain, they didn’t feel fear. They were like machines and the only thing that they needed was food.

The first recorded account was in Texas. One was found by some teens who filmed it and uploaded the video to you-tube. No one thought it was real at first but when the teens in the video were declared missing all sorts of rumours started. To begin with  the internet was abuzz that it was a viral advert for a new movie. Until international news was full of the news, the teens were real, they had family, they had friends and they were missing.

There was a wide scale search for the teens and some of those searching didn’t return. The President appeared on TV calling for calm and the Governor brought in the National Guard.

Then disappearances spread into New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas. The International media was so concentrated on USA that what was happening in Central America almost passed unnoticed  Three women and a child were the only survivors from a village in Nicaragua. They claimed the dead had come out of the night and killed everyone.

Then one of the teens from the video was found, decapitated, in Nicaragua. His body was decayed but identifiable. An illegal logging camp had been attached during the night and one of the loggers had decapitated one of the attackers. The US sent in a team of SEALs.

Then there was a week of chaos.

Zombies, the undead. Just like the films once they were out there was no stopping them spreading. Texas had been the beginning and we had ignored it, worse we had shared it on Facebook and spread it on Twitter. We had sat back and laughed at the beginning of the end of our civilisation. It hadn’t been like that in films.

Every night the dead rose and rampaged through the streets of every city. Each day there were more people missing. The Governments had mobilised everyone they could, they searched the cities by day and burned the dead they found. Fire destroyed zombies, just like in the films. We knew from the case in Nicaragua that decapitation stopped zombies, though the body might continue to move for quite some time afterwards.

One day the USA bombed Texas, they wiped it off the map. And they carried on bombing until there was nothing but scorched Earth between Denver and Guadalajara. It was never like that in the films, but afterwards we wondered why not.

Within a month of Texas being neutralised all TV and radio stopped. Survivors hid during the night, looted during the day and returned to where they had hidden the night before to wait out another night. It had been like that in films.

Zombies could run, as in some films. A zombie bite might infect the victim, thousands were probably killed by their friends and family before they realised that not every injured person turned. If they survived twenty-four hours they were in the clear. But they were not immune, the next bite might turn them.

Somewhere scientists had been working on a cure, that had happened in films but it didn’t always work. It didn’t work.

We didn’t trouble ourselves over much in the end what was and was not like in the films. We were too intent on surviving.

What was never shown, what was not considered was the zombie itself.

I knew I had died, I knew what I was doing but I couldn’t stop. I was locked inside my head like a captive audience. I watched everything I did and I tasted the blood, I felt the aches when my body wasn’t fed. But I screamed inside as my body did as it wished to salve its pain. Until I detached.

Ten years have passed. I am alone in my head, I ignore the pain and the tastes and I sit alone and sob.

It was never like this in the movies.



I am aware of the film Colin, written & directed by Marc Price dealing with the ‘life’ of a zombie. This is a separate thought to that, no similarity is intended. Interesting film, chick it out.


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