Tournament: Combat and Conquest – a lecture at the Royal Armouries, Leeds – 24 April 2013


Wednesday 24 April 2013 at Royal Armouries, Leeds in the Bury Theatre. 18:30 to 20:30. Tickets £5.00

Speaker: Karen Watts – Senior Curator of Armour

I previously wrote about a Jousting Tournament at the Royal Armouries over Easter. I had a great time watching the Joust and writing up the experience.

Next Wednesday, 24th April 2013, I will again be at the Royal Armouries attending this lecture. As I said in my article at Easter I’ve been to the Armouries many times to watch Jousting and to look around the museum. Never forgetting the gift shop, which is as usual near the entrance/exit (like The Doctor, I like a good gift shop).

I have also attended Thought Bubble, an annual Comic Convention hosted at the Armouries.

I haven’t attended a lecture before, so I’m looking forward to it.

This talk is aimed at all ages and will look in to how the Tournament grew from training exercises for war to become what current Jousting master Stacy Evans considers to be ‘…the original extreme sport’ .

The Royal Armouries, Leeds, is a marvelous museum that houses one of the greatest collections of military history. Opened in 1996 as the United Kingdom’s National Museum of Arms and Armour with a collection of over 70,000 exhibits of armour and weapons.

Located just outside the city centre Royal Armouries, Leeds convenient to reach by car and only a few minutes walk from the Bus, Coach and Train stations.

Royal Armouries are also found at:
Fort Nelson, Fareham (near Portsmouth);
The Tower of London and
Frazier History Museum, Louisville, Kentucky USA


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