An interview with Integra Fairbrook – actress in Judge Minty – spoiler free (Planet Replicas’ Judge Anderson)

MintyJudge Minty, the popular fan film written and directed by Steven Sterlacchini with Director of Photography Stephen Green.

After five or six years planning, filming and editing the film will be online soon. The film premiered in Leeds Film Festival in November 2012 and has since been at Film Festivals and Comic Conventions world-wide.

I have the pleasure of bringing you an interview with one of the stars of the film, Integra Fairbrook. In the film Integra has two parts, you need to watch carefully for one.

Integra is a professional model and has a very wide and diverse portfolio.

I’ve chatted to Integra for a while now but this is the first time I have interviewed her and I must thank her for giving her time at such short notice. I get picked on sometimes, as she is often to be seen as the background on my phone. But enough intro, on with the interview.

Semple: How did you get involved with this project?

Integra: Steve Green originally got in contact with me with regards to the part: I’m yet to understand how or why I was chosen, but to me, the reason is completely obsolete: I’m just jazzed I was picked!

Semple: I understand you were already a comic and anime fan, were you a fan of Judge Dredd before this, in 2000AD or ‘that Stallone film’?

Integra: To be honest, the first I knew of Dredd, given my age, was of ‘that’ film. Forgive me. I know, I know…

Semple: What is your favourite comic, except 2000AD and Judge Dredd?

Integra: I always have, and always will be, a Tank Girl fan. End of. 😀

Semple: What other comic character would you like to have the chance to portray?

Integra: Other than Tank Girl, I’ve had a few requests from fans to do Halo Jones.

I can’t give spoilers, but there is a shoot I have coming up that is comic related… but you’ll have to watch this space!

Semple: How was the experience of working on the film?

Integra: The film was a completely new experience: I have never acted before, and I usually work in still frame due to my modelling career! I loved every minute, and got to live out a private childhood dream. It’s something I would absolutely do again.

Lauren2Semple: Did anything funny happen on the set that isn’t public knowledge?

Integra: Not that I’m aware of. Wish I had some interesting gossip… Steve Sterlacchini is part lizard, if that’s anything??

Semple: Are there any out-takes? (sorry Steve & Steve if that opens up another can of worms)

Integra: I’m also not sure about outtakes, but I’m sure there will be. ‘The nod’ was funny to capture though!

Semple: Was John Burdis a prima donna?

Integra: John, eat your snickers! (Hahaha!!)

Integra as Judge Anderson for Planet Replicas

Semple: Having a part in this film led to you becoming the official Judge Anderson for Planet Replicas. How did that come about? (left)

Integra: Again, Steve approached me after the ‘Minty shoot saying I had a look of Anderson… the rest is history. An awesome history.

Semple: Is the uniform comfortable? Do you get a bit warm in the leathers? (right by Boo Cook)

Integra: The Anderson uniform was great, there were teething problems with a pair of specially imported leather trousers, but other than getting a little warm under the studio lights, there were no problems…aside from when it came to walking through doors. Those shoulders make you really wide!!

Semple: Has being identified with Judge Anderson been enjoyable and does it get tiring at times?

Integra: I am yet to get over the high, don’t think I could ever tire of it!

Semple: How many inappropriate comments has the Anderson costume brought?

Integra: Surprisingly I’m yet to hear one. Maybe chivalry has survived after all?!! Haha all comments I have seen have been very sweet and respectful. The fans are awesome.


Semple: Who is the better Street Judge; Judge Integra or Judge Burdis? (Senior Street Judge Burdis arresting Karl Urban right)

Integra: Me. Always.

Semple: If there was a sequel would you want to portray Anderson or a different character? (Sorry again Steves…)

Integra: Wow, I dunno. I’d love to be Anderson, now I think about it. I was talking to a friend earlier today about how I’d like to do more acting, so that would be a cool way to do it!

Lauren4Semple: Have you received any other work through your connection with this project and Planet Replicas?

Integra: I have an upcoming Anderson shoot which is completely unrelated to the project, but other than that, sadly no.

Semple: What question haven’t you been asked regarding Judge Minty or Planet Replicas that you think should have been asked by now?

Integra: “Will you be available to film with us again?”

Hint, hint, hint. (oops, sorry again Steves…)

Again, many thanks to Integra Fairbrook for taking time to answer my questions.

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