An Interview with Edmund Dehn – Star of Judge Minty – spoiler free

Here we are again with another interview connected to the Judge Minty fan film by Steve Sterlacchini. Based on the world of Judge Dredd from the British anthology comic 2000AD published by Rebellion. You can read my earlier spoiler free review or spoiler light review and at the end of this article are links to other interviews related to this film.

The film was released on You Tube during the early hours of today after six months of touring Film Festivals and Comic Cons throughout Britain, Europe and USA. The film has been met with almost universal praise. I spoke to John Wagner, the creator and main writer on Judge Dredd, at Thought Bubble in November after he saw the film and his initial one word review was ‘Amazing.’

So, on to the interview with Edmund Dehn, the star of Judge Minty. For my opinion Edmund completely owns the part but watch the movie and decide for yourself.

Semple: How did you become involved in this project?

Edmund: Steve Sterlacchini saw my photo, cv &, I think, showreel online; I’ve been a professional actor for 30+ years. He, Steve Green & Dan met me at the National Film Theatre in London & we decided to work together. They paid me, by the way.

Semple: Had you read any Judge Dredd before taking the role? If so did you know who Judge Minty was?

Edmund: No, I have to admit I hadn’t read any Dredd before taking on the role of Minty; but I used to read both Marvel & British war comics in my youth. I still have a box full of each in a cupboard! I used to like the Silver Surfer! I now like Dredd!

Semple: What personality aspect of Minty did you find most compelling?

Edmund: Aspect of Minty I liked most was that he had doubts about what he was doing. He was going through a sort of crisis of belief & wished he was able to be more merciful. A character who has doubts gives an actor great stuff to play!

Semple: The story is quite intense and emotional at its core, do you think this is one of its strengths?

Edmund: The emotional nature of the story? Well yes, I loved that as the previous answer indicates & I do think that helps carry the audience through the story. Well written & conceived by Steve (& the gentlemen at 2000AD!).

Minty LawmasterSemple: The Lawmaster looks great, you filmed some of these scenes sat on boxes in Daniel’s garden, is this the oddest shoot you’ve done or is there odder?

Minty Lawmaster2Edmund
: The Lawmaster shoot. Well yes, that box did have sharp edges that dug into the inner thigh somewhat! But you have to suffer a bit for your art! & the oddness was matched long ago by shooting on Knightmare in Bluescreen in the late 1980s. I was a Wall Monster: I asked kids riddles while made up as a red brick wall with eyeholes, a mouth but no hole to breathe through the nose! Now that was weird!

Semple: Are there any out-takes that you know of?

Edmund: Out-takes. Not that I’m aware particularly. Amusing moments yes but not out-takes!

Minty DaleSemple: How have you found the reaction of fans of Judge Dredd?

Edmund:  The fans have been wonderfully kind – especially to an outsider playing in the world they love! All the fans who worked on the film, often driving hours across the country on their days off for love to help with something I was being paid for, were fabulous. They were friendly, helpful, good-humoured & irreplaceable! I’ve made many friends on this shoot & I hope to keep up those friendships! & those watching have, so far (!) been very generous! Thank you all!

Semple: Would you reprise the role if the chance came, whether fan film, cartoon, or blockbuster?

Edmund: Reprise the role? Well if asked (&, I regret to say, paid) I’d be happy to. But I am fairly sure the 2 Steves want a rest! I’ve loved it & would love to do more but I also love new challenges & the variety that is the good part of being an actor.

judge MintySemple: Are there any other comic characters, 2000AD or otherwise, that you’d particularly like to be involved with?

Edmund: Other comic characters? If someone asks, I’ll be happy to look at it but I’m a bit old for the Silver Surfer! To be honest, I doubt if anything could match the joy of playing Minty & I’d be reluctant to risk spoiling the memory!

Semple: Is there a question that you haven’t been asked yet that you think needs answering?

Edmund: No other questions, but I really think Steve Sterlacchini, Steve Green & Daniel Carey-George especially deserve a big hand from everyone who loves Dredd! They have done wonders with this (& made my job easy & very pleasant). & everyone that’s helped. It was a team effort & everyone worked really hard. Thanks!


Many thanks to Edmund for taking time today to be interviewed. I must add to the praise being heaped out everywhere. Edmund is Minty, plain and simple. Without a screen sequel I’d love to see a comic book one. Zarjaz, are you listening? Or 2000AD, Megazine…

  You can read my earlier interviews of Integra Fairbrook (Aquila’s Daughter & Judge Anderson) and Steve Green (Director of Photography)

I think regular readers of my Blog will already have noticed my love for the world of Dredd. I know that Rebellion boss Jason Kingsley is in to Jousting, he is a member of Destrier, so I hope he has looked in too…

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