Regarding Lyra… Spoilers regarding Polar Bears: Edge of Existence

I wrote about Lyra and her cubs in the BBC2 series The Polar Bear Family and Me and again when the show aired in USA as Polar Bears: Edge of Existence. I promised updates if I heard of any.

This is from the Facebook page for the show.

For those of you eagerly awaiting any information on Lyra and Miki, Jason Roberts has today updated us with the following:

“The scientist left a couple days ago and will be out until the end of April. I have contact with them and they will inform me at once if they find Lyra and Miki.

We are also on the ice filming, though it will be hard for me to recognise them but ‘possible’.

The chances are small, it is a big area but fingers crossed. I will inform you immediately if they are sighted, would be amazing to see them again!”

I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything from the Facebook page or from Ted Oakes or Gordon Bucchanan through their Twitter accounts.

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