Judge Minty Voice Over Team special on You Tube – minor spoilers for Judge Minty Film.

MintyThe Judge Minty Team released this video to spotlight some of the outstanding work the voice actors did on the film. The film was released on Bank Holiday Monday, 05th May 2013. Judge Minty is a fan film, not for profit, which has received almost universal praise. Though not officially backed by 2000AD’s publisher, Rebellion, it has garnered high praise and co-operation from 2000AD.

I interviewed Jared Butler last week, he put together this talented team of voice actors and what a team he put together. Jared along with Jim The Tank Dorsey, Mark Engelhardt, Michael Morhardt, Rocco Rosanio and Fryda Wolff provide quite a wide range of voices throughout the film, from Dredd to the mutants in the Cursed Earth.

Please, if you haven’t already seen it watch the full Judge Minty film on You Tube before watching this video, you’ll enjoy both better that way.

This new video re-uses some footage from the film, some shown in a very different way as well as some test footage that was never intended to be in the actual film. The latter category brings a rarely seen shot of Judge Anderson as portrayed by Integra Fairbrook, who I interviewed on Sunday night prior to the film’s internet release.

Steve Green, Director of Photography (his interview), has stated that a second video will be released, once he has decided on what footage to use. The second video will centre on adverts and public announcements from my understanding (as I write this I know Steve said it but I can’t figure out where or when).

I hope you enjoy the views and sounds of Judge Minty.


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