Coming in May and June.

The release of Judge Minty on 5th May 2013 has put my schedule out a little. Fire one thing I saw Ironman 3 on 4th May and I also intended to do a post about Free Comic Book Day. I will still do those articles, though the time for them has really passed.

The following are not all necessarily in order.

I will be writing a review of the latest Doctor Who episode on Wednesday and the finale this weekend.

I will be continuing to review 2000AD each week, aiming for a review out each Wednesday aroun 23:00. Other 2000AD related reviews will come along fromm time to time.

There will be another two IDW Judge Dredd Year One, the engrossing mini series by Tharg’s protege Matt Smith.

I will review Desert Spear, Book 2 of the Demon Cycle by Peter V Brett, having already reviewed the Book 1. This is another victim of my Judge Minty obsession.

I have quite a number of photos of a pollaxe display at the Royal Armouries that should illustrate the combat techniques of this weapon quite well. So something for any historical warfare enthusiasts reading the blog. I particularly like this very flexible weapon.

Also for historians I will be writing about Hadrian’s Wall. If plans go ahead I will be walking party of the wall so hopefully a few photos will be on show.

I intend to continue doing interviews and as well as approaching a few more people with connections to Judge Minty I am hoping to extend this to other topics.The interview with Steve Sterlacchini will be published later today.

I am at the same time working on my own original fiction. Some may see light on this blog but one I am keeping under wraps for a while, more on this in October hopefully. I have also been approached by someone wanting four short stories for a possible reboot of his RPG system, I have previously playtested with him on earlier products as well as providing characters for the main rulebook and free downloads plus a short story called The Circle that used to be on the game’s website. There won’t be much news on those projects for a while.

So I hope there will be enough variety as well as plenty of the same to keep readers’ interest.

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