The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel – an anthology Edited by Owen Watts – spoiler free

Edited by Owen Watts
Assistant Editor Geoffrey Crescent


Mike Lynch, Neil Ford, Nikki Foxrobot, Ryan Tandy, Jake Rowlinson, Alan Holloway, George Coleman, Rob Phillips, Owen Watts, Blas Biggati, Andrew Scaife, Tim West, Dave Thomson, Mike Harding, Lee Smart, Dan Bell, Jamie Lambert,  Chris Askham, Stephen Prestwood, Richard McCauliffe, Matt Herbert, Daniel Bell, Oscar Maltby, David Broughton, Adam Paige, Stephen Denton, Chris Mole, Neil McClements, Geoffery Crescent & Darren Stephens

Available as a Download for £2.00 or Paper for £5.00

This is an anthology of Time Travel stories and what a great anthology. Each story is free standing and has a twist in the tale. Given that time travel has been at the centre of many story in book, comic, TV and film finding an original twist isn’t easy.

Some of the stories rely on shock or surprise with the twist while others are quite simply so well crafted that they rework something you may have encountered elsewhere so well that they delight.

It is a very good read and I think a well balanced anthology.

You may have seen art by Owen Watts already and not known. Earlier this year one of his pictures went viral. There are many more in the collection and you can see them here.

Below is a few brief words on each story. I do my best to avoid any spoilers but I guess you may have a preset idea of what you will read by tiny clues. So if you prefer complete raw reading read the comic first & come back to see if I summed the story up ok.

3000 Dollar Second
by Mike Lynch & Neil Ford
Letters: Nikki Foxrobot

Set during a mining trip, six months away from loved ones. Great art, in colour, and outstanding lettering gives good storytelling and leads the eye across the page in perfect order.

The Journal of Doctor Brandon Morrow
Writer: Ryan Tandy
Artist: Jake Rowlinson

Monotone art with minimal dialogue, narated by the Doctor’s journal entry, as the title suggests. The Doctor considers how disastrous time travel could be in the wrong hands. Hilarious twist.

History Lesson
by Alan Holloway George Coleman
Letters: Nikki Foxrobot

One man studies al his life and puts all his being in to saving an innocent. Black and white art, puts me in mind of Battle Picture Weekly. Again skilfully lettered and a very well paced plot. This twist in particular surprised me, good work!

Kaleidoscope Eyes
by Rob Phillips & Owen Watts

About a man, his love and his friend the vegetable. Read it twice, try to keep it in order… I just wonder what happened to the pizza…

Karma Traveller
Writer: Blas Biggati
Art: Andrew Scaife

A young Scientist has proven the existence of a soul, his colleague offers words of caution. Excellent name for a story that provokes thought about the pattern of life.

Not Everyone Deserves a Second Chance
Writer: Tim West
Artist: Dave Thomson

Atmospheric art with colour choice s to highlight one man’s attempts to atone for past misdeeds… A prisoner makes a bid for freedom from his crimes.

The Simple Rules of Time Travel
by Mike Harding & Lee Smart
Letters: Dan Bell

One time traveler passing on his wisdom. Simple colour art with more than one snigger per page.

Source of Infection
by Jamie Lambert & Chris Askham
Letters: Owen Watts

Black and white art, a well paced tale set during a zombie apocalypse following a military team. What could go wrong?

The Journey
by Stephen Prestwood
Letters: Owen Watts

Cautionary tale of a bold knight on a noble quest. Excellently paced and had me wondering where the journey was leading. Black and white art with a simplistic style that suits the story perfectly.

Thinking Outside The Box
by Richard McCauliffe & Matt Herbert
Letters: Daniel Bell

A scientist perfects forward travel through time but should have told someone. What a delightful tale full of emotion. Great timing and the artwork is charmingly ‘smudged’, I am sure there must be a better name for it and I likely should know it (O’level in art after all…).

The Time Templars vs the Demonic Dinos
Writer: Oscar Maltby
Artist: David Broughton

Dimension hopping police from the 23rd keep things in order. Boldly coloured art with bold gestures and bold intentions from bold heroes. Quite bold, good pacing. Dinosaurs and time travel, perfect partners.

Were, Are, Shall Be
by Adam Paige and Stephen Denton
Letters: Nikki Robotfox

A German Panzer Division are closing on a Russian fuel depot in the Eastern Front. Someone has crashlanded in the middle. Excellent story of team work between enemies.

Whiskey & Wormholes
by Chris Mole and Neil McClements
Letters: Nikki Robotfox

A detective, the corpse of a beautiful woman lying on the street floor. Justice or revenge? Unnatural colourings that give a deep otherworldly feel to this detective story.

Cuthbert Wax (abridged title…)
by Geoffery Crescent & Darren Stephens
Letters: Owen Watts

Cuthbert travels back in time to the Pliocene to further the cause of Veganism. Not save the whale but save the Mammoth! Hilarious story from the Editors.


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