2000AD Prog 1833 – general release 22/05/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1833

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 13th May 2013

General release in print & digital 22nd May 2013

Cover by Glenn Fabry

No letters page.

Tharg bigs up IDW’s Dredd line up, the ongoing Judge Dredd series, the Judge Dredd: Year One mini series the Brian Bolland & Carlos Ezquerra, the upcoming Mega City Two story City of Courts, Mars Attacks Judge Dredd later this year by Al Ewing and John McCrae…

Quite a lot of Dredd there. Not liking the cover of City of Courts but I dare say I’ll buy it.

There is a Droid Life cartoon this Prog.

In this Prog

Judge Dredd: The Forsaken Part Four: Sorvino

Script: Michael Carroll
Art: P J Holden
Colours: Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Dolman and Dredd have tracked down Cadet Angela Sorvino. In custody she gives details of what happened after the group of Cadets left Martin Freeman Block.

The Cadets have gone native it seems., no intent to rejoin the Justice Department, stil a unit but no longer upholding the law.

This turn of events is going to make Dolman quite cross I think…

I’m loving this story, great characterisation and I for one like how Michael Carroll handles Dolman. If you take a look at my recent interview with Mike you’ll see not all fans agree…

The moody art has settled in on me, not that I didn’t like it already. It is just much darker than usual.

Cadet Anderson Psi Division : One in Ten part 1

Script: Alan Grant
Art: Carlos Ezquerra
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Anderson leads a group of Cadets in an investigation. I’m not going to say much about this story this week, I’ll say why next week.

Great art from Carlos!

Sinister Dexter Witless Protection: Malone Again, part 2

Script: Dan Abnett
Art:  John Burns
Letters: Ellie de Ville

Sinister, or Malone, has a job as a cleaner. He isn’t supposed to be cleaning the building with the Witness Protection office in it. He isn’t supposed to go in his Case Workers office. He isn’t supposed to look in her cabinets.

He does all that.

And hew finds out about someone that really, really doesn’t want him, or Ray, in Generica.

Shaping up very nicely

Stickleback: Number of The Beast part 10

Script: Ian Eddington
Art: D’Israeli
Letters: Ellie de Ville

Bob is back. Not so much Tonga…

Plot is thickening. I will reread this sometime, I think maybe the brilliant art has in fact been distracting me.

Zombo in Planet Zombo Part 9

Script: Al Ewing
Art: Henry Flint
Letters: Simon Bowland

Fast paced and the plot gets twisted a bit with the President in a fix…

Next Prog

I’m most interested to see what more we learn about a bunch of Psi Cadets out without a Street Judge or any other support… Can’t quite recall what year Anderson is in right now…


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