Want a Sequel to Alex Garland’s Dredd?

The film didn’t do well in the cinemas. I think everyone that loves the film can agree with that simple fact.

There are several campaigns going on online to get support for a sequel.

I would like to voice a word of caution & advice. Go ahead and ask, sign petitions, write emails, send letters, etc; but remember we need DNA and IM Global to make a film we want to see. Or as I put it on the 2000AD Forum:

“we want them to want us to want it”

Advice on tone & content

  • Don’t spam them; send one letter or email (see further below)
  • Do not rant or complain
    • Simply saying you don’t like the vehicles for example. There are reasons for the look of the film, I detail some below.
  • Mention any personal reasons you couldn’t see the film at the cinema, back it up with facts
    • Eg I know of someone with vision difficulties who simply cannot watch 3D due to his disability. There was no 2D screening within reasonable travel, I think he looked up to 35 miles. It isn’t very good me telling them this, but if you had this sort of difficulty you can tell them and give clear examples.
  • Be positive, tell them what you liked.
  • Tell them if you heard about how good the film was after it had left the cinemas. Again, personal experience is best.
  • Tell them you will go see the sequel, say if you go more than once if you like a film enough, say how big your group might be.

Opinion can be easily dismissed, your honest personal experience can’t. Annoying or repeated communication will get ignored.

You might want to consider some of the points below, they may help you construct your argument in a clear and positive way, remembering the general advice above.

Also below are a few addresses & links you may find useful

Why didn’t people go?

There are many reasons for why people didn’t go to the cinema to watch the film. Many of these reasons are obvious, some less so to the general public. Below I give examples but obviously you may have some different ideas.

Reasons include:

  1. Some people didn’t go because the trailer showed the uniform, bike, city didn’t look like Dredd from 2000AD. True enough, but the look is less important when compared to the plot and atmosphere.
    1. Alex Garland got those right. He considered the comic uniform. DNA met with Daniel Carey-George, who designed the uniform used in the fan film Judge Minty, to look at his design that. Basically the Planet Replicas uniform. Alex decided on a more real world look.
      • They aren’t really going to be very interested in what you didn’t like about the look, so if you mention it move on quickly to something you did like.
  2. Publicity – many people think there wasn’t much.
    1. I was looking for publicity, and actively avoiding some as I don’t like spoilers. So this is hard for me to judge. But my son, who lives with me, says he thinks there wasn’t enough.
      • Again, avoid being too critical but say if you didn’t see/notice any publicity.
  3. Some people, non-comic readers, thought it was a remake of a Stallone film.
    1. Some of these didn’t go as they thought that film was awful & couldn’t see the point going to see a remake of it.
    2. Others liked the Stallone film and thought this wouldn’t be like it.
      • Concentrate on Alex’s film. They won’t want to read how bad a different film was.
  4. Disabilities… this one is a biggie.
    1. There are visually impaired people who can’t actually see 3D films, by this I mean can’t see anything not that they see it in 2D.
    2. Some cinemas did not do closed captions for deaf people.
      1. Definitely tell them if you are disabled or a friend or member of your family is and they were affected in this kind of way.
  5. Some simply don’t like 3D while others were waiting for a 2D screenings for price reasons.
    1. Again if this is you, mention it and move on to something positive.

Why people will go to a sequel?

Again these are just a few ideas, there will be plenty of other reasons.

Reasons include:

  1. Word of mouth.
    1. I have lost count of the personal friends, colleagues and acquaintances that have said they wish they had gone to see it.
  2. DVD & Blu-ray sales.
    1. This shows that people like the film, for whatever reason they didn’t go.
  3. The assumption the film won’t only be in 3D.
    1. You can’t demand… but I think it is pretty likely they might get the idea mixed availability or 2D only might go down better.

So tell them you want to see a sequel!

Go sign any petition or join any group you want. But I’d bear in mind the general principles of my advice above and join ones that are not negative.

E-mail or post a letter. I think a bundle of well worded letters speak more than random people on a list online.


Thanks to John Burdis for these!

IM Global:

mail to:
8322 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles
CA 90048
United States


mail to:
DNA Films
10 Amwell Street


2 comments on “Want a Sequel to Alex Garland’s Dredd?

  1. bob says:

    thanks for all the positive info here

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