2000AD Prog 1834 – general release 29/05/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1834

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 20th May 2013

General release in print & digital 29th May 2013

Cover by Henry Flint

Letters Page returns

This week Tharg is talking about Comic Cons

There is a ‘THRILLS of the FUTURE’ picture for Damnation Station II by Al Ewing & Mark Harrison

In this Prog

Judge Dredd: The Forsaken Part Five: Echavez

Script: Michael Carroll
Art: P J Holden
Colours: Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Dolman and Dredd continue to interrogate Cadet Angela Sorvino. A case of good Dredd, bad Dredd with Dolman’s more personal touch and Dredd getting a bit personal.

Sorvino and Echavez parted company from Falcon and Paris. The latter two taking the vehicle they had stolen from the mutant family who they abandoned to the crowds of violent rioters. Echavez and Sorvino go into the Undercity to avoid rioters and have to dodge man-eating Trogs instead.

A great story pumping on the gas! Brilliant story with brilliant art.

And an interesting twist at the end…

Cadet Anderson Psi Division : One in Ten part 2

Script: Alan Grant
Art: Carlos Ezquerra
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

I didn’t say much about this story last week, there were a couple of reasons.

Firstly I must say it strikes me as odd that a group of Psi Cadets are out in the city alone. Year 11, Year 12? I’m not sure. It doesn’t sit right.

Second I didn’t want to discuss the organ legging too soon. The dismembered babies, quite emotive. So emotive I think some readers disliked the story. Personally I don’t have an issue, we are reading about a totalitarian state in the future where death happens in a myriad of ways most stories set in Mega City One.

Interestingly Cadet Hauser has very similar Psi abilities to Judge King’s sister in the games I used to play in Play Dredd. Not that I developed that character, I decided her skills were too powerful to put among the players.

Amyway, despite misgivings about the Cadets being out in a group the story is interesting and the art is fantastic.

Sinister Dexter Witless Protection: Malone Again, part 3

Script: Dan Abnett
Art:  John Burns
Letters: Ellie de Ville

Sinister was right to be a tad concerned with finding out that Moses Tanenbaum was also on witness protection. Showdown in the streets and Sinister is a toothless Gunshark. The part with the boosted car was particularly amusing.

Stickleback: Number of The Beast part 11

Script: Ian Eddington
Art: D’Israeli
Letters: Ellie de Ville

A bit of exposition and lots of plotting. I’m getting very intrigued with how this story will turn out. I’ve very much grown in to this story now.

The artwork is beautiful, but I say similar every Prog.  I particularly like the main panel on the fourh page this Prog with two warriors trying to mimic human appearance.

Zombo in Planet Zombo Part 10

Script: Al Ewing
Art: Henry Flint
Letters: Simon Bowland

Final Part!

Zombo is left in a bit of a mess… one could call it a case of extreme split personalities.

Hank Epsilon ans Zombie Planet get one in the eye. The Shadow President gets to gloat.

Escellent art as usual and a wrap on the current plot, Zombo will return in ‘Viva Zombo’.

Next Prog

Two weeks to Defoe returning… so not sure what will replace Zombo in the line-up. A double length finale of Stickleback? Not sure…


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