Amazon pose a Question on Facebook – Dredd is the answer for MANY!

There is a Question on Facebook posed by Amazon

As of writing that … for The Hobbit is 124.

The +1k for ‘Other’ as of writing is 1058.

That is a lot of votes for a film they didn’t list. Dredd has been on sale on Blu Ray & DVD since January. On their Best Selling Blu-Ray lists Dredd is still at #4 on Amazon UK & #25 on Amazon USA. That is quite good for a film in its sixth month.

The comments to say what ‘Other’ is getting voted for is almost all Dredd.

It is just another indicator that people are interested in Dredd and want a Sequel from Alex Garland. See my previous advice about how to go about asking for a Sequel and my e-mail to IM Global & DNA Films. There are also many other Blogs, Facebook Pages, etc discussing the feelings of many that a Dredd Sequel is something many want to see.

2000AD Portfolio Competition at Thought Bubble

Thought Bubble is a week long celebration of sequential art held in Leeds. Throughout the week there are numerous events held throughout the city.

The week culminates in a weekend Comic Convention held at the Royal Armouries.

2000AD is one of the main supporters of Thought Bubble and for the past couple of years they have run a portfolio competition with budding artists getting a chance to show their work to the editor of 2000AD. A shortlist is compiled on the Saturday and on Sunday the artists present their work to a panel of 2000AD creators. Think Dragons Den meets the Apprentice, live on stage in front of a few hundred comic fans.

The prize this year, as last year, is a PAID commission to illustrate a Future Shock. Last year’s winner, Will Morris, had his story published in Prog 1836.

Will Morris

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times in reviews of 2000AD (embarrassingly I forgot to mention it for Prog 1836).

You will need a valid ticket for the convention to enter the competition. Full details are available HERE.

The convention is excellent with a great atmosphere. Confirmed guests include Andy Diggle, Ducan Fegredo, Boo Cook,  Emma Rios, Leah Moore (Saturday only) and Jock.

July 1st 2013 is Z-Day according to 2000AD!

Written by: Grant Morrison
Art by: Steve Yeowell, M. Carmona,
Jim McCarthy, Simon Coleby
Price: £100
Pages: 480
Size: 259mm x 187mm hardback with dust jacket and ribbon
Available ONLY from the 2000 AD online shop
Available for pre-order from: 6pm BST, 1 July 2013 (1pm EDT, 9am EST)
(Limited to one per customer. Users must register for a 2000 AD shop account before they can order.)

The Complete Zenith will include:

  • Phase 1: Tygers (Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell)
  • Phase 2: The Hollow Land (Morrison, Yeowell)
  • Maximan (2000 AD Winter Special 1988) (Morrison, M. Carmona)
  • Phase 3: War in Heaven (Morrison, Yeowell)
  • Mandala: Shadows & Reflections (2000 AD Annual 1990) (Morrison, Jim McCarthy)
  • Phase 4: (Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell)
  • (2000 AD Prog 2001) (Morrison, Yeowell)
  • A Night 2 Remember (2000 AD 25th Anniversary, Prog 1280) (Morrison, Yeowell)
  • Tales of the Alternative Earths (Mark Millar text story, 2000 AD Winter Special 1990)

Also included will be sketches, covers, pin-ups, etc. Also in the 2000AD Shop will be exclusive  Zenith t-shirts.

Some of this has been collected before but this is the ultimate complete collection as you can see from the details above. Only 1000 available and only available at this price, if it gets on e-bay it’ll be at a higher asking price…

I mentioned when I first wrote about this volume that this story does divide fans, not all approved of 2000AD doing a Superhero story. Personally I loved it, obviously some parts I enjoyed more or less than others.

Some of the biggest names in British comics have been involved in 2000AD and these creators are among them.


2000AD announced exclusively via CBR that they have sold out of copies of The Complete Zenith by the morning of 4th July.

2000AD Prog 1838 – general release 26/06/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1838

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 22nd June 2013

General release in print & digital 26th June 2013

Cover by John Charles

No letters page.

Tharg bigs up the digital Prog. Get it if you want… I’ve got my paper copies, from Prog 1. So I’m happy. He also bigs up the Meg and the free bagged up mini-graphic – too right! I get TWO paper things in one bag when the Meg arrives, win/win for me! No seriously, I like paper…

Then Tharg brings in the brings in the big guns almost as though it is an after thought. I mentioned it when discussing last Prog’s Future Shock… The 2000AD Portfolio competition will again run at Thoughbubble in Leeds – more details here! Last year’s winner, Will Morris, had his work published in Prog 1836 – he illustrated the Terror Tale that Prog.

Continue reading

Gorilla Family to be released in Africa

Nine related Western Lowland Gorillas are to be released in Africa. The Gorillas left their home, Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent. on Sunday bound for Gabon.


The silverback of the group, Djala, was orphaned in 1982 at six months and taken by poachers to sell to tourists. He was bought by a Frenchman who saw him tied to a post in a village street, he couldn’t think of any other way to rescue him. He lived in private hands France for two years but as he grew bigger it was realised he required professional care. He was donated to the Aspinall Foundation.

Djala has fathered 14 young and given important genetics to captive breeding programs. Now his family unit is being relocated back to Africa.

They will be acclimatised and gradually released into the wild, they will receive extra food while they learn to forage but the hope is that one day the group will be fully self sufficient.

Western Lowland Gorillas are classed as Critical on the Endangered list. This is the first time a full family has been released and they will give important genetic diversity to the wild population.

A link to the adoption area on The Aspinall Foundation’s site

My e-mail regarding a sequel to Dredd

I have sent an e-mail to IM Global and DNA Films concerning the possibility of a sequel to Alex Garland’s Dredd. I discussed this very matter earlier on this Blog and you can find the e-mail addresses at the bottom of that article.

I hope I followed most of my advice.

I have asked for permission to publish copies of any response I receive, I have also invited direct response to this article. Of course as I say in the e-mail itself I do understand that given the amount of correspondence they receive I may not get any reply.

In the interest of fairness if I do not receive permission to publish a response I receive I will at the very least let you know I received a response.

Below is the body of my e-mail in its entirety.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you regarding the marvelous Dredd film that Alex Garland brought to us last year.

I’m a fan of 2000AD and particularly Judge Dredd and I run a small blog that I do comic, book, film, TV, etc reviews. The blog was first set up for a play by forum role-playing game that never took off. After seeing Dredd 3D for the first time I decided to do a review of my experience and the blog took off from there. I will be reproducing this letter on my blog so that my readers know what I have said in my communication to you.

I was fortunate enough to win the opportunity to see the film prior to release in London via a competition 2000AD ran on Twitter. You can see my reaction on the blog here. It was a marvelous experience that will remain with me for many years to come. But as a Dredd fan it could have been a huge let down, if Alex Garland had missed the mark.

Talking to Alex after the screening, among a group of fans as equally dedicated to the character as depicted in the comic, it was wonderful to hear more about the making of the film as well as Alex’s ideas for sequels.

Interestingly the look of the city and the Judges is something that many people misunderstood. Many of the comic fans, myself included, don’t have high regard for the Stallone film. The media always seem to concentrate on the ‘helmet’ issue. The uniform was closer to the comic version in that earlier film than in Alex’s version. But it wasn’t the removal of the helmet that caused the biggest issues, it was the great divergence from the character of Dredd and his world.

That is the success of Alex’s film. He took Dredd from the panels of a comic and translated the character of the man, the Justice Department and the world on to the screen.

More casual fans seem to have had more hang ups that the uniforms were different, that the city blocks were not as organic as many artists draw them and that the citizens were not as ‘way-out’ as in the comic. In particular this may have alienated some of the fans of the Stallone film who had read little or none of the original material.

Support for this film was and remains incredibly high among core fans of 2000AD as is obvious on the 2000AD forum. The fact that Alex had met with John Wagner and taken in to account his thoughts on the dialogue was heartening to us. I for one did not seek out the leaked script, I hate spoilers preferring to see a film as blind as possible. But to hear high praise from John Wagner and others was important in the early stages of the film’s production.

Alex engaged the fans but didn’t pamper to us. He did an excellent job.

I will digress here to also point out the huge interest generated by the fan film Judge Minty. If you look at my blog you will see I have written a lot on that film, including several interviews with cast and crew. Long term fans such as myself can embrace two very different films because both retain key elements of theme with the source material. The fans are most certainly not blinkered.

Given all I have said one must then ask, ‘why was the box-office so low?’.

The simplest answer to this is the misconceptions of the general cinema going public. Secondary to this is the increasing dissatisfaction with 3D.

The general cinema going public are not as well versed in Dredd as those of us that have read 2000AD for 36 years, obviously I’m not ignoring fellow readers that didn’t read Prog 2 in 1977. But simply put the core fan base is well educated that Dredd offers a huge opportunity for very different stories. There can be comedies, tragedies, thrillers, high-octane action, etc. But more casual readers or fans of the Stallone film are more likely to expect a story with sweeping scope.

The tight action and character driven plot in Dredd was perfect for the comic fans but perhaps was a little unexpected for the other viewers. But the main issue here was that perhaps the trailers didn’t quite sell the film to those that didn’t pas through the box-office. Though as I said earlier I hate spoilers I was still looking at the publicity. As I knew what was going on from the 2000AD forum I was better informed than those that were not.

Some research suggests that up to 70% of cinema goers prefer 2D films, or have difficulty seeing 3D. In fact the Eycare Trust revealed this year that 12% of the population cannot see 3D films for one reason or another. An article on SFX’s blog by Steven Ellis showed that of their readers more than 46% strongly disliked 3D and over 26% of the readers couldn’t watch 3D films. Personally I usually opt to see a 2D screening as most 3D films just go for the ‘ooo look it is coming towards you’ shot.

This said, and with to my understanding only 29 cinemas showing any 2D screenings, I saw the film in 3D, I saw it at least 6 times, once in London as stated at the opening of this e-mail and five times as a paying customer. The 3D Anthony Dod Mantel brought to this film was exquisite and was used wonderfully alongside the slow motion. Those that saw the film mostly embraced the 3D. It is just a big shame that there wasn’t that 2D option for others to take advantage of. The plot of the film actually utilised the 3D and slow motion, in my opinion it was an artistic triumph.

The DVD/Blu-ray release of the film does surely show that after the fact the film has entered a wider consciousness of the potential audience. It is a shame that the Blu-ray came with a forced 3D opt-in, it would have been interesting to see how many opted out given that 3D TV sales appear to still be increasing.

I strongly believe that if Alex is able to return to Judge Dredd as a topic and bring us one or more sequels the box-office takings would be higher and DVD/Blu-ray sales either as successful or indeed higher, clearly some people that didn’t go to the cinema to watch this film will not have bought the DVD/Blu-ray even though they would enjoy the film if they were to do so. I also think the project would be best with the return of Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby.

Clearly I understand that there is an audience for 3D films but I would suggest that evidence shows a greater success would come from mixed screenings at all or most cinemas. As the film has now been seen by a much wider audience that passed through the box-office the public would understand the publicity better.

I hope a sequel is not beyond hope.

I would be very grateful if I received a response from this missive, though I understand the volume of correspondence you must receive. I have given advice to my readers of how and how not to approach communicating with you on this matter. With your permission I would also like to put any response I received from you on to my blog so that my readers can see what you communicated to me. Of course your response directly on the blog itself would speak volumes to my readers.

Kindest regards.

Steve Hargett

Snakes in a Prog! 2000AD Prog 1838 preview – spoiler free

Prog 1838

Among the parts 2, 5, etc of the ongoing Thrills there is a hum-dinger of a Terror Tale from Montynero, scibe of Death Sentence.

Here is a story penned and inked, or scribed and scribbled, by Montynero. A tale about the perils of modern science.

Great script and great story. Get a look at this on Saturday 22nd June or Wednesday 26th June as applicable and see what comes out of his head in preparation for Death Sentence.

As I say, more of the ongoing Thrills:

  • Dredd investigates the skyboarder gang
  • Finney folows up on the contracts from Fronatal
  • Anderson and her classmates question the restaurantuer
  • Defoe and co fend of some zombies.

And you learn more about forthcoming thrills for Prog 1839!

Judge Dredd: Year One – part 3 – spoilers

jd y1 3Judge Dredd: Year One issue 3 published by IDW

Script: Matt Smith
Art: Simon Coleby
Colours: Leonard O’Grady
Letters: Shawn Lee
Cover Art: Greg Staples

Love the Greg Staples cover, really great image.

This is a mini-series that really is on the money.

I doubt I was the only one expecting to see Deadworld and the IDW version of Judge Death coming along earlier in continuity than in the 2000AD version. Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1837 – general release 19/06/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1837

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 15th June 2013

General release in print & digital 19th June 2013

Cover by Chris Weston

No letters page.

It’s a great fully painted cover from Chris Weston.

Tharg concentrates on the return of John Wagner to Dredd & pimping the Megazine. We get a teaser for a forthcoming thrill Kingdom: Aux Drift by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson.

Later in the Prog there is a competition to win Superman Lego sets & a teaser for IDW’s Judge Dredd Year One #3 Continue reading

Siberian Tigers born in UK Zoo

Banham Zoo in Norfolk have announced the birth of two Siberian Tiger cubs. These cubs are considered to be a little more special than normal for this rare species as their father, Kuzma, has rare genetics that improves the diversity of breeding stock. There is more about the birth of these rare cubs on the Banham Zoo website as well as the BBC News Website.

There are now thought to be more Siberian Tigers in captivity than in the wild. When things are like that for a species it is a clear sign things aren’t good. Continue reading