The Great 2000AD Talent export to USA Continues! – light spoilers for 2000AD Prog 1836 & Mighty Avengers 1

Great news about two great 2000Ad ‘Creator Droids’

Over the years 2000AD has produced, developed, encouraged and generally unleashed some epic talent.

Writers such as:

Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Mark Millar, Grant Morrison, Pat Mills, Neil Gaiman

Artists including:

Kevin O’Neil, Brian Bolland, Mike McMahon, Brian Talbot, Jock, Simon Bisley

Recently of course Tharg’s right hand man Matt Smith has been writing Judge Dredd Year 1 for IDW.

Well things never change so much that they aren’t the same… as it were…

Going to America!

Some thrilling news today regarding a very popular 2000AD creative talent!

Al Ewing, much famed among us 2000AD & Dredd fans as the writer of Judge Dredd and co-creator of Zombo, has bagged himself a prime position at Marvel as the scribe of a new ongoing monthly ‘Mighty Avengers’ this September.

The line-up too for this amazing writer to play with includes:

  • Luke Cage, the original Power Man
  • Power Man, Victor Alvarez – what is the relationship between the original and the replacement?
  • Falcon, Samuel Thomas “Sam” Wilson – once side-kick to Captain America
  • Superior Spider-Man, Peter Parker’s body with Otto Octavius’ personality
  • She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters – nuff said
  • White Tiger
  • Blue Marvel
  • and more…

The team has a high proportion of non-white characters, a deliberate decision given that their guiding hand in this is Luke Cage. This line-up is very, very interesting.

I must say… US readers are in for a treat, Al is an excellent story teller.

I believe the news broke on Comic Book Resources, there is a MUCH bigger article over there. Do my readers want articles that big?

Already been to America!

And doing the reverse trip…

After an absence from the pages of 2000AD of 13 years Trevor Hairsine returns for a one off Dredd story in Prog 1836, hitting subscribers’ doormats tomorrow and available in shops and on iOS devices from 12th June.

An excerpt of the artwork from ‘Skulls’ on the right, without lettering.

Trevor drew such titles as Judge Dredd, Mercy Heights, Missionary Man and others in 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine before going to America… He has worked on projects such as Cla$$war, Captain America and X-Men.

Trevor Hairsine on returning to the pages of 2000AD:

“It was seeing the movie. I thought ‘that looks like fun.’ It made me want to draw him again. Dredd’s just such a badass. Far more so than the majority of characters I draw these days. There’s so much about his world that’s gritty and fun. That’s the appeal, really.
“Rob had asked me a few times over the years if I wanted to come back and draw a Dredd again. Finally I gave in. Even though I hadn’t drawn him for probably ten years or more, it just felt like putting on an old glove again. It felt completely natural.”

Rob Williams on Trevor:

“Trev and I have worked together a few times over the years. Most notably on my first ever comic work, Cla$$war. I nagged him to do a Dredd a few times and eventually he caved and agreed. And I’m delighted he did. I got the first page through from him and it just looked right, if you know what I mean.“I think, whether he wants to admit it or not, Dredd’s in his DNA. You can see the hint of Mick McMahon’’s influence in the way he draws the Judges. And his Dredd just has the feel of a classic Dredd about it.“And I asked him to design bikes for the SJS in the strip too. I asked Matt Smith, the editor, if that had been done before and he didn’t think so.So now Trev’s designed a little bit of Justice Department lore. Bikes with bloody great big skulls on the front. They look great.”

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