Summer Jousting at Royal Armouries, Leeds

This Summer at the Royal Armouries Leeds

Jousting League

Due to popular demand there will be much more Jousting at the Royal Armouries in Leeds this Summer.

Four Weekends have been announced with 2 jousts per day Friday & Saturday, dates and prices are above. I know many people locally who will be delighted about this. I will try to get to at least one show per Saturday in all 4 weeks. Hopefully it’ll draw in the crowds.

Jousting in Leeds is always a thrilling spectacle with competitors coming from all over the world. I’m hoping to see old faces and new and I’m very intrigued by the use of ‘League’ and ‘Championship’ in what the Armouries have said so far.

I have no more details at the moment so I can’t comment on who will be jousting. I have a few favourites I’d like to see again, such as Andy Deane who hopefully will be there. Also there are some jousters I haven’t seen that I’d like to see in action, Jason Kingsley in particular – he is co-founder and CEO of Rebellion, publisher of 2000AD.

I will bring more news as and when I here it. Really excited about this and I hope others are too.

If you want to know more about Jousting in Leeds and Jousting in general you can read my articles on Easter Jousting and a lecture on Tournament that I attended earlier this year.


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