2000AD Prog 1836 – general release 12/06/13 – spoilers


2000AD Prog 1836

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 8th June 2013

General release in print & digital 12th June 2013

Cover by Leigh Gallagher

No letters page.

Tharg bigs up Defoe, reminding us that the collections are out. Also he blows he Trevor Hairsine trumpet!

In this Prog

Judge Dredd: Skulls

Script: Rob Williams
Art: Trevor Hairdine
Colours: Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

A six page one-parter.

Following the chaos of Chaos Day there is less respect than ever for Judges. Here we have a gang that carry out crime wearing trophies taken from dead Judges. Dredd is pinned down and gets support from an unexpected place.

Rob Williams asked Trevor Harsine to design SJS Lawmasters after getting this clearedwith Tharg. So there we are, a new prt of dredd lore is born. They look great too. I used to have an SJS chap in the games I ran on Play Dredd, SJS Judge Morton, he’d have loved that bike. The art really is magnificent.

Good story and so clearly a set up for more woe coming Dredd’s way.

Cadet Anderson Psi Division : One in Ten part 4

Script: Alan Grant
Art: Carlos Ezquerra
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

One Cadet pulls the others in to his nightmares following the shocking crime they have been investigating. Anither commits suicide. The boldness of this story, the strong human emotion, is great.

Death rates, we are told, are higher for Psi Judges in the first years on the streets than in other Divisions. I think that makes sense, these chaps are quite exposed.

Brilliantly reliable art from Carlos.

Defoe: The Damned, part 1

Script: Pat Mills
Art: Leigh Gallagher
Letters: Ellie De Ville

A slow paced start. Two pages of great art re-introducing us to the setting. The Tower of London is surrounded by zombies. The Ravens and Defoe’s men are picking them off in small numbers.

Defoe is asleep, dreaming of the day all this started. He returns home, cannot find his family until he hears sounds in the well.

A slow start indeed but for me the emotional ride Defoe is on speaks to me. The joy the was feeling as he arrived home, followed by his fears for the safety of his family, his relief he has found them… and the knowledge we readers have of the deep sorrow he will find.

Excellently emotive start and really excellent art from Leigh Gallagher.

Sinister Dexter Witless Protection: In Plain Shite, part 1

Script: Dan Abnett
Art:  John Burns
Letters: Ellie de Ville

A fun start to the new story arc. Finnegan Sinister on the run with a stolen police firearm and not a whole lot else. He’s blown his money on a cheap copy of a Fact-Totem.

Finney is feeling the stress and it shows, he is talking directly to the reader and even accidentally foes so in front of another character. It’s been done before on screen and in print. It is still fun and works well here.

Great art from John Burns, especially how he sells the fact we are being addressed directly by the main character.

Terror Tales: The Death Magnetic

Script: David Baillie
Art: Will Morris
Letters: Simon Bowland

I’m not that thrilled by this story, it is decent enough but I felt like I had read it before.

Next Prog

John Wagner back on Judge Dredd with a new multi-part: Wastelands


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