Judge Dredd: Year One – part 3 – spoilers

jd y1 3Judge Dredd: Year One issue 3 published by IDW

Script: Matt Smith
Art: Simon Coleby
Colours: Leonard O’Grady
Letters: Shawn Lee
Cover Art: Greg Staples

Love the Greg Staples cover, really great image.

This is a mini-series that really is on the money.

I doubt I was the only one expecting to see Deadworld and the IDW version of Judge Death coming along earlier in continuity than in the 2000AD version.

I’ve seen comments from readers that forget that IDW Dredd is not 2000AD Dredd. It is a different continuity, close to ‘ours’ but not exactly the same. And here we see Dredd stepping in to another parallel, one that has already been devastated, ruling out traditional war Dredd realises the city was destroyed by the unknown enemy that appears to be invading his city. Psi Judge Riorden keeps a tab on Dredd’s ‘Psignature’, I buy this as a concept and given Dredd is fairly resilient to Psi activity it gives me a feel for Riorden’s power level.

Dredd gets to grips with that reality while Riorden is confronted by the Juves who live in Saint Barton’s Home for Wayward Spugs. Some great panels showing the Psi talents and the danger they pose to the city.

Young Dredd explores the city, his gateway home disappeared. A year old paper shows him that this city has experienced exactly what is going on in his own reality. He meets up with a Judge from the other reality, I’m not certain if the uniform she wears is incomplete, certainly no badge, but to me it seems to be part way between comic & movie version.

We get plenty of exposition from Judge Hopper and it is full of clues for the story. My first suspicion seeing the images before reading the story was that this was a Cadet, but it seems the Academy was wiped out early on, no Joe or Rico any more then? Only 600 Judges, hiding in the Undercity among the cannibalistic Trogs.

Riorden is down but not out for the count. Psi Div go in to his unconscious mind and get him back in the game.

A great penultimate episode, really setting us up for a firebrand of a finale.

Matt Smith has scribed a great story and returning to the fact he sold me the feignt that I was expecting to see Death and his buddies is a great example of this. He has set the bar high for the IDW writers.

Next issue


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