July 1st 2013 is Z-Day according to 2000AD!

Written by: Grant Morrison
Art by: Steve Yeowell, M. Carmona,
Jim McCarthy, Simon Coleby
Price: £100
Pages: 480
Size: 259mm x 187mm hardback with dust jacket and ribbon
Available ONLY from the 2000 AD online shop
Available for pre-order from: 6pm BST, 1 July 2013 (1pm EDT, 9am EST)
(Limited to one per customer. Users must register for a 2000 AD shop account before they can order.)

The Complete Zenith will include:

  • Phase 1: Tygers (Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell)
  • Phase 2: The Hollow Land (Morrison, Yeowell)
  • Maximan (2000 AD Winter Special 1988) (Morrison, M. Carmona)
  • Phase 3: War in Heaven (Morrison, Yeowell)
  • Mandala: Shadows & Reflections (2000 AD Annual 1990) (Morrison, Jim McCarthy)
  • Phase 4: (Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell)
  • zzzzenith.com (2000 AD Prog 2001) (Morrison, Yeowell)
  • A Night 2 Remember (2000 AD 25th Anniversary, Prog 1280) (Morrison, Yeowell)
  • Tales of the Alternative Earths (Mark Millar text story, 2000 AD Winter Special 1990)

Also included will be sketches, covers, pin-ups, etc. Also in the 2000AD Shop will be exclusive  Zenith t-shirts.

Some of this has been collected before but this is the ultimate complete collection as you can see from the details above. Only 1000 available and only available at this price, if it gets on e-bay it’ll be at a higher asking price…

I mentioned when I first wrote about this volume that this story does divide fans, not all approved of 2000AD doing a Superhero story. Personally I loved it, obviously some parts I enjoyed more or less than others.

Some of the biggest names in British comics have been involved in 2000AD and these creators are among them.


2000AD announced exclusively via CBR that they have sold out of copies of The Complete Zenith by the morning of 4th July.


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