Amazon pose a Question on Facebook – Dredd is the answer for MANY!

There is a Question on Facebook posed by Amazon

As of writing that … for The Hobbit is 124.

The +1k for ‘Other’ as of writing is 1058.

That is a lot of votes for a film they didn’t list. Dredd has been on sale on Blu Ray & DVD since January. On their Best Selling Blu-Ray lists Dredd is still at #4 on Amazon UK & #25 on Amazon USA. That is quite good for a film in its sixth month.

The comments to say what ‘Other’ is getting voted for is almost all Dredd.

It is just another indicator that people are interested in Dredd and want a Sequel from Alex Garland. See my previous advice about how to go about asking for a Sequel and my e-mail to IM Global & DNA Films. There are also many other Blogs, Facebook Pages, etc discussing the feelings of many that a Dredd Sequel is something many want to see.


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