2000AD Prog 1843 – general release 31/07/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1843

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 27th July 2013

General release in print & digital 31st July 2013

Cover by 

No Letters Page

Tharg points out how 2000AD has always used humour in many various ways. Tis true.

A nice advert for Issue 3 of the truly marvelous IDW mini series Judge Dredd: Year One by Matt Smith which should be in all good comic shops on 31/07/13. Not WHS then…

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New season of Jousting at Royal Armouries Leeds

Today was the start of a new season of Jousting at Royal Armouries Leeds. Every Friday & Saturday from now till the August Bank Holiday Weekend there are two Jousts per day, 12:00 and 15:00. On Bank Holiday Weekend there is the annual special event with international jousters, more about that later in this article.

There used to be a lot more Jousting in Leeds until cut-backs hit in 2011. This is a National Museum and funding came from the same pot as the Olympics. So the Nations gain was Leeds loss in many ways. But popular demand has brought about an increase in the amount of Jousts. Continue reading

Rule32 – A Cafe with a difference looking for some support

I first came across Rule32 on Twitter, I really can’t remember how now. I think one of the founders was in a discussion with someone I was following, I liked what they said and I followed – at least I think that is how it happened.

Anyway I follow them on Twitter

They are developing a café /venue that will have not just a geek look it will have events including book signings, game nights, films, etc. They are looking for help with this project and you can back them on Indigogo, more details are in the video below.

So after listening to their plans for a while and seeing that they are looking for help I thought I’d have a chat to them and get more details. Thier plans sound cool and I’d like to suggest some of us get behind them. Please, pass this round! Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1842 – general release 24/07/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1842

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 20th July 2013

General release in print & digital 24th July 2013

Cover by Leigh Gallagher and Dylan Teague

No Letters Page

Tharg informs us that the new Dredd story is a sequel to Trifecta & pimps the GN that is coming out in August. I already knew this, probably many did.

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An Interview with Alex Scarrow – Author (TimeRiders Book 8 out 1st August 2013)

Alex Scarrow is a successful author who has books in both Adult and Children’s section of high-street bookstores. Alex writes thrillers for adults, A Thousand Suns, Last Light, Afterlight, October Skies and The Candleman. He also has a Young Adult series; Ellie Quin and the long running Young Adult series TimeRiders.

I’ve previously reviewed The Ellie Quin series, written a ‘series so far’ for TimeRiders and reviewed TimeRiders Book 7: Pirate Kings.

The focus of this interview is on the TimeRiders series, the interview is spoiler free.
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Judge Dredd: Fatties

John Wagner, Alan Grant


Mick McMahon, Ron Smith, Carlos Esquerra, Cam Kennedy, John Higgins, Jon Haward

Cover Artist:
Cam Kennedy

Tom Frame

Previously published in 2000 AD Progs 273-274, 331-334, 440-441, 1694, Judge Dredd Annual 1982 & 1985, Judge Dredd Megazine 4.01-4.03, 227.

Judge Dredd was created by John Wagner & Carlos Esquerra

Released in North America on 16th July 2013 and available to on Amazon.

Judge Dredd is the titular character of this book but as with many of the stories presented to us in 2000AD or the Megazine he isn’t the main character. Often in many ways the city itself is a character and at other times it is the citizens. When the citizens take centre stage we are likely to see a Craze, the city is full of them; Uglies, Sky Surfers, Boing! to name a few. Continue reading

Damian Aspinall’s view on Zoos – including updates on related Nature articles

Damian Aspinall wants to see the end of Zoos despite, or perhaps because of, his involvement in the industry. He doesn’t draw a distinction in his comments between Zoos and Wildlife Parks, so for much of this article if I use the term ‘Zoo’ you can assume I am also referring to Wildlife Parks.

In an article in the Sunday Express Damian Aspinall expresses his opinion that zoos should be closed over the next twenty to thirty years. This isn’t the first time he has made comments such as these and is unlikely to be the last. Continue reading