2000AD Prog 1839 – general release 03/07/13 – spoilers

1839 COVER2000AD Prog 1839

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 29th June 2013

General release in print & digital 3rd July 2013

Cover by John Charles

Letters page after a few weeks absence.

Tharg briefs us that though Cadet Anderson’s story draws to a close this Prog we haven’t heard the last of this… Sequel will be in the Magazine later this year, starring the Adult Psi Judge Anderson.

And something rare Tharg gives us a recap of Ten-Seconders.

If you missed the previous instalments, they’ve been collected up into a zarjaz graphic novel available from shop.2000ADonline.com, but to get you briefly up to speed: resistance fighters Malloy, Harris and Kane have followed coordinates given to them by untrustworthy god The Scientist and found a spaceship in a Kansas field. Malloy was told that activating the craft will bring entities to Earth that will stop the gods forever – entities that the gods were themselves running from. Now, the three men plus a transformed Jen – adapted into a being of immense power – are about to meet the Fathers… Enjoy!

In this Prog

Judge Dredd: Wastelands part 3

Script: John Wagner
Art: Dave Taylor
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Dredd is on the trail of the surfer gang, Scum of The Earth, that attacked Valentino. However someone is a step ahead, seems they are all connected. We see a few parts of the city, Plasteen Park, Sector 39… looks more like the Undercity than anything. We really are seeing just how bad some areas are.

We also see Slo-Mo in the Prog!

Great pacing.

Defoe: The Damned, part 4

Script: Pat Mills
Art: Leigh Gallagher
Letters: Ellie De Ville

Damned suggests to Defoe that perhaps benign spirits are behind his natural ability to see danger. Defoe doesn’t buy it.

The Spiriter and a group of zombies breach the Tower, apparently assisted by someone inside. The Spiriter is defeated and Defoe realises that one of his own people have betrayed them. It could be Tamazine… but Defoe’s instincts tell him it was Bodie.

Excellent pacing, the change of pace that starts in the second panel on page two is brilliant.

Cadet Anderson Psi Division : One in Ten part 7

Script: Alan Grant
Art: Carlos Ezquerra
Letters: Annie Parkhouse


Action packed with a showdown with the cyborg Malaparte. He tried to evade justice, downloading his personality into a cube so that he could be uploaded in to a different body after his current one was Judged. This fellow plans ahead almost as well as P J Maybe, almost.

Two of Anderson’s colleagues are injured,but all of them make it through this final encounter.

The ‘next Prog line picks upon Tharg’s message at the head of the Prog…


Sinister Dexter Witless Protection: In Plain Shite, part 4

Script: Dan Abnett
Art:  John Burns
Letters: Ellie de Ville

Sinister is still giving his fourth wall style comments to camera; it is still funny.

He works through three marks in two pages. Finnegan it seems has secured his bid to cross the border with Frontal’s help. But Frontal wants one more thing, a sign of Finnegan’s loyalty. He wants him to whack his Caseworker, Piper.

Excellent story so far and I’m thinking we are reaching the end of this arc. I must admit though, the left hand isn’t the same without the right. I’d like to see the team back together.

Art is marvelous but I must say that I prefer the older look Finnegan Sinister had, back when he looked a lot like Ed Byrne. Seriously, if this is ever made into a film it needs to be Ed Byrne that plays Sinnister.

The Ten-Godsend part 1

A flashback to before the original series. Molloy was a priest and his church and congregation were murdered by followers of the new Gods.

It seems these new Gods are not the most powerful beings around, apparently they are not much more than spoilt children…

well we learn more about one of the central characters but this episode really is just intro. We’ll get much more to chew on in the next couple of weeks I would imagine.

Next Prog

I’m sure I know what replaces Anderson… but I can’t recollect right now.

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