2000AD Prog 1847 – general release 28/08/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1847

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 24th August 2013

General release in print & digital 28th August 2013

Cover:  Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague

No Letters Page

Tharg bigs up the current line-up and reminds us Defoe ends this issue.

He also reminds us that Trifecta is out as is Portrait of a Mutant, the former a hardback and the later a digest version. Y ou can read my review of Trifecta elsewhere on this Blog. Also pimped in the Prog and on this Blog is the Dredd e-novel By Michael Carroll, Cold Light of Day. Continue reading


The Tournament of Champions Final

Tournament of Champions

Royal Armouries Leeds 26th August 2013

I saw the final to the weekend’s events from an unfamiliar angle. I was sat in the VIP seats to the right of the Marshall’s pavilion. A real treat.

I took my children,  Jessica and Saul, to see many shows at Royal Armouries over the years. They enjoyed the Jousting a lot.

Saul came with me today for the first time in several years, accompanied by Ellis, his fiance. Ellis has been to see Jousting before with her family.  They both came with me to the Arms & Armour of the Superhero exhibition in May this year.

The tournament has been eventful. I didn’t attend on Saturday, I had prior arrangements, but I heard a few reports about it on Sunday when I was doing my Behind-the-Scenes article. Andy Deane for example pulled a strike against Alix van Zijl as it was her first visit, potentially losing 4 points. These things happen, till Alix tells Andy she can take hits like the boys, this I witnessed on Sunday, more details in that earlier article. Sunday had a very close battle between Andy and Stacy Evans.

So today was going to be interesting. I arrived to hear that Alix had come second in the 12:00 joust. That made it all quite tense, Stacy in the lead and Andy chasing him – this happened at Easter and Andy closed the gap. I know Andy’s secret too, I forgot to ask him today if he’d try it again… Continue reading

Jousting at Royal Armouries – Behind-the-scenes

I was invited by Royal Armouries in Leeds to go behind-the-scenes to get a look at what goes in to putting on a Joust. So firstly – Thanks Royal Armouries!

Secondly – I dedicate this article to Fred. The Knights asked me to do this especially.

As I’ve said before on this blog, I write for fun and I write about things I like. So to get invited behind the scenes for a Joust at the Royal Armouries was great.  I received the invite via my Twitter account (it’s to the right of this article, please feel free to press ‘Follow’). We then arranged everything via e-mail.

The general plan – follow Andy Deane around for a while, see behind the scenes & get a different view of the Joust, I was up in the balcony. Continue reading

Summer Jousting Happened so Fast – But it isn’t quite over

I’ve been to Royal Armouries, Leeds every Saturday in August to watch the Jousting. I’m not going to go through what happens in detail in this article but you can read in-depth about all the Skills at Arms that are displayed and what they are for in my earlier article I wrote about the Easter Joust. In that article you’ll be able to read details of what the Squires training was intended for. You’ll read about the Joust of Peace. There are two forms of the Joust and this article also won’t discuss this, you can read more about the history of the Joust in my article I wrote about a Lecture on Tournament I attended at the Armouries on 24th April

So I’ve told you what I’m not writing about. What am I writing about?

The experience. The show. Continue reading

Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival

Presented by Ellie Harrison
Directed by Stephen O’Leary
Produced by Stephen Moss

First aired BBC One, 17:35PM Sun, 18 Aug 2013

This country used to be covered in woodland but the onset of farming 5000 years ago started the destruction of an environment that had been the home of Brown Bears, Wolves, Wild Boar and many other creatures we’ll probably never see in the wild in Britain again. Continue reading