Sláine again! Starting in 2000AD Prog 1844.

Thirty years of Slaughter

Created by Pat Mills, the creator of 2000AD himself, with art by Angela Kincaid, Sláine made his debut 30 years ago this month.

2000AD celebrate with two variant covers, one by incoming series artist Simon Davis (below left) and the other by the outgoing Clint Langley (below right).

Prog 1844 will be hitting Subcribers’ doormats on Saturday 03 August 2013.

General release of Prog 1844 in comic stores and digitally on 07 August 2013. Day and Date as they say.

‘The Book of Scars’ starts with a 7 page introduction. Written by Pat Mills and illustrated by Clint Langley. This series will include Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry, and Mick McMahon as guest artists.

What marvelous art too.

Sláine made his first appearance in Prog 330, dated 20th August 1983. Together with his faithless Dwarf servant, Ukko, Sláine soon became a firm favourite.

With Pat Mill’s scripts, borrowing directly from Celtic myth and legend, paired with stunning artwork by the likes of Angela Kincaid, Massimo Bellardinelli, Mick McMahon, Glenn Fabry, Bryan Talbot and Simon Bisley (to name a few) the stories seemed both fresh and familiar at the same time.

I’m not sure how long this story is but given the guest artists and that we are told Simon Davis is taking over from Clint Langley it would seem we can expect a series of some length.

In previous tales Sláine Mac Roth has journeyed throughout his native Ireland, visited the realms of Celtic Goddesses. traveled beyond death and into other realms. He has journeyed time and fought alongside Boudicca and William Wallace. He has faced Were Creatures, dark Druids, Romans, Demons; as well as his predecessor as The Horned God – The Lord Weird Slough Feg.

The Book of Scars is scheduled to be released as a special Hardcover 30th Anniversary edition as early as November.

The first episode promises big things; the return of old enemies and a testing time for our hero.

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