Mouse Guard: Legends of The Guard (vol 2) Issue 1 – spoiler light Issue 1

mouse-guard-legends-of-the-guard-v2-001-cover-wrapWriters: David Petersen, Stan Sakai, Nick Tapalansky, Ben Caldwell

Art: David Petersen, Stan Sakai, Alex Eckman-Lawn, Ben Caldwell

I bought volume one of Mouse Guard: Legends of The Guard as a collected volume. I decided to get this volume as single issues. I enjoyed the first one so much I couldn’t wait for the collected edition this time round. I’ll possibly end up with a copy though…

Legends off The Guard is a way for the Mouse Guard world to be expanded by people other than the creator, David Petersen. As in volume one the tales are spun as part of a competition in the June Alley Inn in Barkstone, a Western city in the Mouse territory. Proprietress June challenges the patrons with the longest unpaid bar bills to tell a tale, the Mouse that tells the best tale has their debt expunged.

These are tales, told in a tavern. So they need only be as truthful as the teller makes them, or perhaps even if the teller of the tale believes it to be true he could have heard it false. So it doesn’t tie David to anything he doesn’t want to be tied to yet it gives background to the world of Mouse Guard. The only part that we know for sure has happened is what we see in June Alley Inn, written and illustrated by David Petersen.

This issue:

Autumn Tale
by Stan Sakai

Mira has actually gone to the Inn to settle her husband’s debt. Her husband is ill and June invites Mira to tell a tale. So Mira tells the tale of how her husband came to be injured.

The first few panels are silent while the second is almost all exposition. An interesting way to tell a tale and in this instance it works well.

Art by Alex Eckman-Lawn, story by Nick Taplansky

We hear about an early adventure of Tiernan the Brave. Known to be a friend to many strange animals, what happens to him when he is lost at sea?

Beautiful art with striking colours separating land from air and ocean.

A Bone to Pick
by Ben Caldwell

A proud father regales June and her customers with a tale about his two daughters that often keep him company while he guards crops. Wandering alone the two girls chance upon two dastardly creatures stealing from hallowed ground.

Cartoony art to illustrate a tale of two Mice we can be sure exist taking part in a tale that seems less likely to be true.

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