2000AD Celebrated in video for the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Judge Death and Judge Dredd2000AD has been celebrated by the Guardian as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

You can view the video by clicking on the picture to the left. It is over 10 minutes long and well worth a look at, very well put together.

In the video you get to see inside the Nerve Centre and listen to Editor Matt Smith talk about the comic, its origins and its current place in popular culture. You also get a look at the archives…

Comics, graphic novels and the people who create them will be celebrated at the 2013 Edinburgh International Book Festival. Richard Lea visits the offices of science fiction comic 2000 AD – which sold 100,000 copies per issue in its 80s peak compared to 15,000 now – and asks writers Neil Gaiman, Dan Abnett and artist Warren Pleece about its enduring appeal

The video explores in brief the origin of the comic but mostly concentrates on why the comic works now as much as it did in the past. Looking at the fact that the underlying themes throughout its history have been moralistic and political – this tied in to the punk era.

Comedy is looked at as being one of the key aspects that when paired with the violence and anger of the strips explains the longevity of the title.

Matt Smith also discusses the difference between a Graphic Novel and Trade Paperback. There is clearly a difference, I’ve mentioned it in some of my reviews.

It is great to see 2000AD celebrated in this way.

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