Breaking News – Judge-Tutor Semple Blog will be at Thought Bubble!

When tables went on sale for Thought Bubble comic festival in Leeds this year they sold out in 2 hours.

My good friend, known only as G, tried but failed to get a table. He has a mixed bunch of stuff he wants to sell. Mostly old comics a few hundred of them. He also has his very own RPG called Darkwood and has a few copies of those still available.

His idea, to which I was fully up for, was to share the table with me so I can showcase my writing. So I was planning having a leaflet with a few reviews of things available at Thought Bubble. Also a few short stories.

Well our friends at Thought Bubble have secured more space and G is among the first tranche of folk on the waiting list to get a table.

So I will be there. I will be helping G sell but I will also be pimping the great comics I have been reviewing for the past year.

My own original fiction will also be available.

I am looking forward to this with much anticipation!


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