Doctor Who: Spore – by Alex Scarrow – spoilers

Doctor Who: Spore


Alex Scarrow

Published by Puffin 23rd August 2013

Available on Kindle

This e-book has been published as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Doctor Who. One book is being issued on Kindle each month. August, month 08, 89th Doctor. Cool idea.

About the Author:

You’ll find more on Alex on my Blog. I write about what I like so the same writers do tend to come up. I found out about Alex because I read his brother’s books. Alex and Simon share a website & Forum

Alex is the author of the Young Adult series TimeRiders. I’m a huge fan of the series, who cares if I’m not a YA, I’m 45. Anyone that likes Dr Who would probably find Time Riders very entertaining. You can read more in the articles TimeRiders Series So far (books 1-6)TimeRiders Book 7 and Interview with Alex Scarrow. Book 8 in the series TimeRiders: Mayan Prophecy is out now.


Set in the present day, the Doctor sets down in the desert a few hundred metres off the Highway, near one of those one-diner kind of towns that are near nowhere. Though I guess we aren’t too far from Roswell… as the Doctor recollects,

Something is here and the Doctor knows it is here. Something he has prior knowledge of, something that will destroy all life on Earth because it is here 50 years too early…

This is the Eighth Doctor, travelling alone. Though he does pick up a friend along the way, as he is prone to do. So there is less random energy one might expect from Doctors Ten or Eleven. Less seriousness, interspersed with glee that you might find with Doctor Nine.

The Doctor is more matter of fact and open, similar to how he was in the film when talking to Grace. He doesn’t pull the psychic paper and there is no sonic screwdriver saving the day,

It is a short story, but fully formed with the traditional pattern of a Doctor Who Story – the Doctor arrives, encounters the issue and makes himself known, he investigates and a solution is found. That might seem obvious but some short stories don’t always feel complete; this story does.

It would be interesting to see what Alex came up with for a full length Doctor Who novel. Though he is perhaps a little too busy with TimeRiders and his other YA series Ellie Quin.

As this is a Puffin book it is appropriate for a wide age range, including children. There are an earlier 7 books in this series by other authors and 3 more to come.


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