2000AD Prog 1847 – general release 28/08/13 – spoilers

2000AD Prog 1847

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 24th August 2013

General release in print & digital 28th August 2013

Cover:  Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague

No Letters Page

Tharg bigs up the current line-up and reminds us Defoe ends this issue.

He also reminds us that Trifecta is out as is Portrait of a Mutant, the former a hardback and the later a digest version. Y ou can read my review of Trifecta elsewhere on this Blog. Also pimped in the Prog and on this Blog is the Dredd e-novel By Michael Carroll, Cold Light of Day.

Judge Dredd: Bender part 3

Script: John Wagner
Art: Ben Wilsher
Colours: Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Bender’s interrogation tactics really aren’t by the book… Lock finally calls Bender on his actions but doesn’t speak up.

New uniforms for the Meat Wagon crews, pretty sure… if they have worn these before I missed it… The mix of old and new design Lawmasters is cool, I failed to mention that before. Also nice to se a Biker reminiscent of the Mega City 5000 back in Progs 40 & 41.

This is a great Dredd-Lite story and I am expecting one heck of a wrap up to this.

Defoe: The Damned, part 12

Script: Pat Mills
Art: Leigh Gallagher
Letters: Ellie De Ville

Seen a bit of criticism of last weeks episode. To me time elapse between Faust fleeing with his captives and Defoe catching up with the ship was obvious. It seems less so to some.

Anyway, I’m still loving this strip. In my opinion the script is great, yes we can all gues that Defoe wasn’t going to let all his pals die but could we be certain he hadn’t turned on Damned? And we find that he has indeed turned his back on his job as a Zombie Hunter so Damned will be on the other side next time around.

The art… magnificent!

The Ten-Seconders part 9

Writer: Rob Williams
Art: Ben Wilsher
Colours: Abigail Ryder
Letters: Simon Bowland

No idea why the change of Art Droids but the change wasn’t as jarring as I expected it to be. Could be that it does seem more sudden in a collected edition.

The Scientist really is a naughty boy isn’t he. Scheming against his parents and encouraging his kids to do the same.

I struggled with this strip in the early parts but it really has taken off in the more recent episodes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this story will read better as a collected  edition… so long as the art switch doesn’t jar.

Age of The Wolf III: Wolfworld part 8

Script: Alec Worley
Art: Jon Davis-Hunt
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Slightly improved this episode I think. Not sure I like the design of the car… yes I get that it is using magic to hover, thus neding a road… but why make it look like a car? The Werewolves are denying their Human heritage so surely wouldn’t ape anything Human’s might design. Maybe that’s just me…

Sláine: Book of Scars part 4

Script: Pat Mills
Art: Glen Fabry
Letters: Ellie De Ville


I remember the El women being more alluring in the original… is this a sign of getting old? If it is is it me or Glen Fabry that are showing their age?

I love the art this episode. Elfric looks his normal charming androgynous self.

I am aware some readers are not happy about the retelling of these stories. I am finding them fun and I am looking forward to see how it affects the ongoing series that we will be getting (I think in 2014).

Next Prog

Not sure what will replace Defoe as there is a jump on Prog at 1850… I am guessing a Terror Tale or Future Shock.

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