2000AD Prog 1848 – general release 04/09/13 – spoilers

18482000AD Prog 1848

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 31st August 2013

General release in print & digital 4th September 2013

Cover:  Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague

No Letters Page

Tharg gets a bit boasty about a McMahon cover with the Biz back on Sláine after 23 years. He also pimps the forthcoming jump-on Prog, 1850.

An advert for Meg 340 also appears – which has Part One of the Dredd Movie sequel.

Judge Dredd: Bender part 4

Script: John Wagner
Art: Ben Wilsher
Colours: Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Things reach new heat this episode, a bit too hot for Lock. It’s all coming to a head though with Lock calling Bender on his actions finally.  Some quite nasty action in this one.

Again Dredd-lite and working.

Age of The Wolf III: Wolfworld part 9

Script: Alec Worley
Art: Jon Davis-Hunt
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

This episode looked a lot like a Finale. Not so.

The fight we expected to see this week is already over in the first page but we get to see it in a montage with the current action. Acceptable.

Interestingly most of the people on the 2000AD Forum that are enjoying this aren’t enjoying Bender and/or Defoe. I’ve been the other way round on it.

Some nice panels this week though. I like page 4 and the first and last panel of page 5.

Sláine: Book of Scars part 5

Script: Pat Mills
Art: Simon Bisley
Letters: Ellie De Ville

8 pages of Simon Bisley retelling The Horned God. Cool.

Apologies but though I loved the art I can’t help thinking that the Centaur version of Slough Feg looks a bit like a manic Krusty The Clown. I tried not to think it, honest. Loved Ukko telling the tale from the sidelines again too. If anything that breathed more fresh life into the story than anything else.

I’ve enjoyed the Book of Scars but not quite as much as I thought I was. It ain’t broke but I really wanted a bit more… a longer story with more variety in each segment, eight pages in each woulda been enough probably. Actually mpre of Clint Langley channeling Massimo Belardinelli would have been great,

But yes. I am enjoying the story. Great to see the big guns on it.  Art wise I think this is a favourite from the past masters.

Past Imperfect: Origins

Writer: T C Eglington
Art: John Charles
Letters: Ellie De Ville


I enjoyed this but also thought it was rubbish. Not sure how that happens.

It isn’t the art that ruined it, the simple art suits the story. I think the dialogue was perhaps poor… I don’t know. I liked it and didn’t like it. Something isn’t right.

The Ten-Seconders part 11

Writer: Rob Williams
Art: Ben Wilsher
Colours: Abigail Ryder
Letters: Simon Bowland

Jen dead… Damage piling on the damage in revenge.

As with Age of the Wolf rather than penultimate this has a bit of a finale feel to it. I must say I like how casual the Scientist is about the erasure in the second panel on page 3.

Genie rules.. you can’t bring back the dead…

Next Prog

Finales all round to sweep the decks for 1850!

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