The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel 2013 – an anthology Edited by Owen Watts – spoiler free


Edited by Owen Watts
Assistant Editor Geoffery Crescent


Aidan Barnard, Allister Mackrell, Andrew Scaife, Arran Frood, Arron Ferguson, Ben Wilsonham, Brendan Purchase, Bruno Stahl,  Chris Lynch, Chris Mole, Conor Boyle, Daniel Bell, Dave Thomson, Dunk Nimmo, Gavin Johnston, Geoffery Crescent, Greg Meldrum, J.S. Adams, Jake Rowlinson, Jamie Lambert, Jim Woodall, Liam Matthew Byrne, Liz Boyle, Michelle Churcher White, Mike Lynch, Neil McClements, Ross Bampfylde, Steve Austin & Tom Newell

Available now for £6.00

This is the second edition of The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, you can read my review of last year’s edition elsewhere on this blog.

The two editors, Owen and Geoffery, have collaborated on the marvelous Flaubert St Cloud (Goat) which I’ve followed with interest.

Here they present a second filling of oddities in time and space, well mostly time to be honest. As with the earlier batch all of them have timey whimey stuff sprinkled liberally through out.

The anthology is a very mixed set of stories, each is free standing and original. You might think you’ve seen all the twists in a time tale that could be. Time to have another look.

A few words on each, very hard not to be spoilery.

Baba 2 The Future
M.C.White & L.M.Byrne

Baba Yaga has a hut, many are aware of the hut. Here Baba Yaga rebuilds her hut after a star fell. Not sure this story is D’n’D cannon… lively black and white art.

The Clockwork Queen
Writer: J.S.Adams
Artist: Dave Thomson

An alternate timeline 2012, London. The air to the throne has been kidnapped and whisked off the 1912. Colour story with different pallet for past and present.

The Grandfather Paradox
by Daniel Bell & Brendan Purchase

Giving away the plot in the title? But delivering it well.

Is it Safe to go Back?
Writer: Arran Frood
Artist: Steven Austin
Letterer: Daniel Bell

Perfected time travel? Lets see… A great story about optimism.

The Legend of the Robot Man
by Aaron Ferguson & Aidan Barnard
Letterer: Daniel Bell

A trip to the museum goes a little awry… Lesson, don’t push buttons…

The Life of Private James Munro
by Gavin Johnston & Connor Boyle
Letterer: Owen Watts

Am old man in a nursing home. a young man volunteers to serve his country. Interestingly I wrote a play very much like this once… without time travel though.

Long Live The Leader
Writer: Mike Lynch
Artist: Ross Bampfylde
Letterer: Andrew Scaife

An Empire unwilling to lose their leader turned from medicine to machinery and on and on. Bound to go well, no?

Out of Time
Writer: Lizzie Boyle
Artist: Allister Mackrell
Letterer: Andrew Scaife

Who invented Time Travel? And when? Think you know the answer? Very entertaining,

The Royal Chronometrical Society
by Chris Mole & Neil McClements

Outstanding art! Great use of colour and almost silhouette characters. Really interesting twist that I defy all to guess.

Stand and Relive Her
Writer: Greg Meldrum
Artist: Bruno Stahl
Letterer: Bolt-01

The 80s are back… Oh lummee!  Bold and colourful and poking very irreverent fun at the 80s.

The Taste of Extinction
Writer: Jamie Lambert
Artist: Jake Rowlinson

You were what you ate? Well that would be telling. Themed dining gone mad.

Who Killed Judy Baker?
Writer: Chris Lynch
Artist: Tom Newell
Letterer: Bolt-01

A father in search of the truth. Quite seriously this one is quite emotive. Black and white simple art and it works brilliantly.

Why Hasn’t Anyone Killed Hitler?
Writer: Jim Woodall
Artist: Andrew Scaife

A good question and a brilliant answer well delivered.

Transition Lenses
by Geoffery Crescent & Dunk Nimmo
Colourist: Owen watts
Letterer: Andrew Scaife

One page story for the back cover. What if we could see the future. Really excellent example of telling a whoe tale, with a twist in 7 panels with dialogue. Excellent.


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