Polar Bears in Yorkshire? – Could be!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) in Doncaster are planning to rescue a Polar Bear that is currently housed in a Mexican Zoo.

Parque Zoológico Benito Juárez, in Morelia, Mexico, claims is doing all it can for Yupi, a 22 year old female Polar Bear, but her enclosure is entirely unacceptable. Though to be fair captivity is a bad place for a Polar Bear after a life of captivity a change of venue is the best chance for Yupi.

Yupi has been in this zoo since 1992, after being captured from the wild as a cub in Alaska. Information of how this came about is vague but it is understood her mother was shot either by hunters or by someone whose home where she was considered a potential risk. Continue reading

Sláine: Book of Scars – Pat Mills – 30 years of Sláine (spoilers)

Writer: Pat Mills

Art: Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry, Mick McMahan,
Clint Langley
Letters: Ellie De Ville

Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-1-78108-176-1
Diamond Order Code: STK623155
Price: £13.99
Published: 7 November 2013

Sláine created by Pat Mills & Angela Kincaid

Previously Published weekly in 2000AD in Progs 1844 to 1849

Published as a celebration of Sláine 30 years after his debut in Prog 330.

An interesting concept, revisiting some of the most popular Sláine stories with three of the most popular Sláine artists.  The Bride of Crom is illustrated by Clint Langley in the style of the original artist Massimo Belardinelli; Sky Chariots re-drawn by Mick McMahon; Elswhere is redrawn by Glenn Fabry; The Horned God is redrawn by Simon Bisley. The classics were book-ended by episodes from Clint Langley, in his own style. Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1854 – general release 16/10/13 – spoilers

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 12th October 2013

General release in print & digital 16th October 2013

Cover: Cliff Robinson & Dylan Teague

No Letters Page

Tharg bigs up the variety that 2000AD brings & extols the way an anthology can bring so much at once. Also pimps the Megazine which has Part 2 of the Dredd (2012) comic sequel Underbelly Part 2 of Creator owned Ordinary & a prequel to the forthcoming creator owned Department of Monsterology. Continue reading

Lions and Tigers and Bears; Oh my! – plus some updates on other nature articles.

I can’t believe I only just heard about this, it’s been in the news around the world several times for over a decade. I researched this to ensure it was true, Liz Bonin says so and so does Snopes; so all good.

It is an incredible tale of Humans being unforgivably cruel to three large predators with a heart warming and unuasual outcome. Continue reading

Six-Gun Gorilla by Si Spurrier – Parts 1-4 of 6 (spoilers)

Six Gun Gorilla
A six issue series
Published by Boom!

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Jeff Stokley
Letterer: Steve Wands

Six-Gun Gorilla Created by Creators Unknown
This version created by Simon Spurrier

Six-Gun Gorilla was published in Wizard, a UK boys paper (comics with more words than pictures), in 1939. The creators were uncredited and to the best knowledge of Comicdom are unknown. Simon gives credit to those Unknown Creators.

I must say I’m not familiar with the original. I’m fairly sure it is safe to say that this version isn’t a lift of the other. My research informs me that the original was set in the Wild West. I understand he fought bandits and righted wrongs. No idea how he ended up in the Wild West.

This version isn’t in the Wild West, we are transported by Mt Spurrier to The Blister. To but it simply by my understanding its a planet in a pocket universe where some of the rules of physics don’t quite work the same. The settlers are in revolt, the Government are fighting back.

More worryingly the war is live streamed for the entertainment of the masses on Earth. Some people volunteer for suicide detail, have a camera surgically implanted in one eye so they can be a camera on legs to give people the full-on deadly experience from the safety of their armchair -‘Psychic TV’. These are the down-trodden or forgotten people and they do it for money, a huge payout goes to their nominated person.

Spoilers are below and though only Issue one is pictured above (that’s the 2nd print by the way) I’ve read up to Issue four and I’m discussing the whole journey I’ve read. So if you haven’t read it yet and don’t click the ‘Continue reading →’ below. Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1853 – general release 09/10/13 – spoilers

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 5th October 2013

General release in print & digital 9th October 2013

Cover:  Dave Kendall

Letters Page

Tharg bigs up his kindness in bringing us Thrill power since 1977. He then points out that the first 20 Judge Dredd Case Files are out digitally – I told you that on 22 September, to be fair Molch-R did give me a heads up…

Continue reading

DAEMONIUM: The Zero Hour – a short film (embeded video of full film)

I haven’t marked this for spoilers as the film is here for you to watch before you read my comments.

I became aware of this Argentinian production yesterday. I’m a big fan of Judge Minty, you can find a lot of  articles on this blog about that film. Judge Minty won a couple of prizes at Wasteland Film Festival last month. DAEMONIUM: La Hora Cero won the Grand Prize, so I thought I should check it out.

I enjoyed it thoroughly. Continue reading

Death Sentence – Issue 1 – by Montynero & Mike Dowling (spoilers)

Death Sentence
A creator owned project

Published by Titan Comics
9th October 2013

Writer: Montynero
Art: Mike Dowling
letters: Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

Cover: Montynero

The terms ‘long awaited’ or ‘much anticipated’ are thrown around like confetti at a ’70’s wedding. However in this case they are accurate. There has been quite a buzz about this comic and the creators deserve much credit for this.

For example the hours that they’ve put in to getting the project off the ground, my understanding is that Montynero has been in direct contact with a very large amount of shops, and he has been gathering info on Twitter from his followers on there about others. Montynero also kindly gave an interview to this blog.

This comic is four years in the making and gained much interest from both Mark Millar and Titan Comics. That quote on the front from Mark Millar isn’t just some glib cover quote, he means it. And that buzz I was talking about, 2000AD creators past and present are tweeting about this comic. Continue reading

Telekinesis in action – pretty cool hidden camera stunt – comment on remakes.

If you watch the video below you’ll see the set up and then a mix of the stunt being played out.

This hidden camera trick is fun. Though interestingly Noel Edmonds pulled this one on Uri Gellar some time ago. Sadly I can’t find a copy of that online.

At the end there is a trailer for the upcoming Carrie re-make. I’m not big on remakes, I’d rather see original films with original ideas. So I’m not bigging up Carrie (2013), I won’t even watch it till it is on TV, I might not bother then. The original is too good in the first place. Continue reading