Jesus Redondo returns to the pages of 2000AD in Prog 1856

Following an interview of Jesus Redondo by Michael Molcher, published in Judge Dredd Megazine 292, it has now been revealed by 2000AD Editor Matt Smith that:

“Jesus is back illustrating the Tharg’s 3riller ‘Rewind’, scripted by Robert Murphy, starting in Prog 1856 (on sale 30 Oct).”

Excellent news indeed.

img021Jesus Redondo illustrated many great stories through the years of 2000AD. Early favourites such as MACH1 and classics such as Return to Armageddon and The Mind of Wolfie Smith.

Early progs didn’t carry credits, so I’m hoping I’m right that the page to the left is by Redondo. On the right, credits where credits are due

Recently his work has seen light of day in the Nemesis The Warlock colour edition. On the left a lovely example from the recent collected edition.

Redondo mazzikim_1

He last appeared in the pages of 2000AD illustrating Tharg’s Terror Tales: Birth of the Mazzikim written by David Baillie in Prog 1737 in 2011.

He has worked in his native country Spain as well as doing some time for Marvel, where apparently he did a three issue mini-series Kitty Pride: Agent of SHIELD – I’ll have to see if I can track that down.

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One comment on “Jesus Redondo returns to the pages of 2000AD in Prog 1856

  1. […] work by Redondo appear in the prog (the last one I recall were a Tharg’s Terror Tale and a Tharg’s 3riller a few years back) and I agree completely with everything that Heroes of 2000AD has to say about […]

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