DAEMONIUM: The Zero Hour – a short film (embeded video of full film)

I haven’t marked this for spoilers as the film is here for you to watch before you read my comments.

I became aware of this Argentinian production yesterday. I’m a big fan of Judge Minty, you can find a lot of  articles on this blog about that film. Judge Minty won a couple of prizes at Wasteland Film Festival last month. DAEMONIUM: La Hora Cero won the Grand Prize, so I thought I should check it out.

I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I must admit to not remembering You Tube has a subtitles button… I watched about ten minutes in Spanish. I studied Spanish for three years at night school so I followed much of the plot but when the dialogue really got going I was lost. It was funny how much more I understood of spoken Spanish with the subtitles on, seriously I could half read the words and get the full meaning from the language.

I avoid dubbed movies by the way, too much of the original is lost in dubbed movies. Which is funny because in this movie is the vocal talents of Humberto Velez who provides the voice for the Latin American version of Homer Simpson.

The film takes place in a post apocalyptic world, which is the over all theme of the Wasteland Festival. We aren’t told the exact nature of the apocalypse but it seems to be magical or spiritual in origin.

The opening sequence gives little away, but that stumble by Razor (Dany Casco) is a key character element that is mentioned credit as writer this film. We learn early on that Razor is new to this army unit.

There are two leaders to the group our protaganist, Razor, belongs to; his officer, Cortes, and a man in a suit, Montalban. I took Montalban to be a Government Official but I may be wrong. He is certainly in possession of some authority, as well as a trained bodyguard/hitman.

Fulcanelli (Walter Cornás), the Necromancer, certainly seems to know more than everyone else. From what we see he also tells the truth throughout. Very nice special effect when he lights his cigar. The rules he sets out “Do not have your face covered. Do not look into his eyes. And do not repeat the same word twice in one sentence.’, you can guess someone is going to break those rules. I get the idea Fulcanelli is reading Razor when he talks about his family rather than already knowing him.

The film is well paced and builds to the action scene brilliantly. The summoning and the breaking of the rules is excellent with great special effects.

What Razor asked for is a mystery, he certainly seems much calmer when zombie or demon hands start thrusting from the ground than he was earlier… And what was in the box???

As the film ended you will have seen a caption pop up. My Spanish was good enough that I read the caption and found that the FIRST EPISODE was also available… Why didn’t I tell you to watch the first episode first??? Simple, this is La Hora Cero is a prequel… and there are spoilers in the first episode Bautismo (Baptism).

I’l let you enjoy that now if you didn’t click on the caption that popped up…


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