Telekinesis in action – pretty cool hidden camera stunt – comment on remakes.

If you watch the video below you’ll see the set up and then a mix of the stunt being played out.

This hidden camera trick is fun. Though interestingly Noel Edmonds pulled this one on Uri Gellar some time ago. Sadly I can’t find a copy of that online.

At the end there is a trailer for the upcoming Carrie re-make. I’m not big on remakes, I’d rather see original films with original ideas. So I’m not bigging up Carrie (2013), I won’t even watch it till it is on TV, I might not bother then. The original is too good in the first place.

The thing is remakes don’t add any value to the original or themselves. Rarely are remakes better than the original, though most people can think of one.

I’m not so much referring to anything that started life as a play… I’ve seen a number of ‘remakes’ of Shakespeare’s works and enjoyed them. Nor am I referring to remakes that change settings bet retain the central themes. Akira Kurosawa did both with several films.; Thrones of blood is based on Macbeth for example. Similarly Magnificent Seven is based on Kurosawa’s own Seven Samurai. I can see the value in these sort of translations.

Not so much remakes like The Ring, just watch the original with subtitles. Not enough is changed for good effect in some of these films. It is lazy screenwriting in my opinion.

Of course friends like to tell me that Dredd (2013) was a remake, or if they are being sensible they try the ‘reboot’ tag… The plot is in no way related to the earlier version so obviously it isn’t a remake. Thought was put in to it and despite what some think the look of the uniforms wasn’t to distance the film from the Stallone version, DNA invited Daniel Carey-George who made the uniforms for the acclaimed fan film Judge Minty but went in a different direction.

Others play a clever game. Shaft (2000) for example, part way through you find out that this dude is the nephew of John Shaft as portrayed by Richard Roundtree in the original. That’s good, they could revisit the themes and bring the film up to date but very simply put it in continuity with the earlier films.

Yes there have been remakes such as Battlestar Galactica that in my opinion worked well. But so many more that failed miserably or just simply were not required.

So… fun stunt to publicise a movie but for me the stunt is better than a Carrie remake.


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