2000AD Prog 1853 – general release 09/10/13 – spoilers

Published weekly in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release 5th October 2013

General release in print & digital 9th October 2013

Cover:  Dave Kendall

Letters Page

Tharg bigs up his kindness in bringing us Thrill power since 1977. He then points out that the first 20 Judge Dredd Case Files are out digitally – I told you that on 22 September, to be fair Molch-R did give me a heads up…

Judge Dredd: New Tricks part 4

Script: Michael Carroll
Art: Paul Davidson
Colours: Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

The under-Cits get left behind, or rather in the middle… Since they have been offered Citizenship in the Big Meg for helping I hope Dredd remembers to pick them up on the way out…

love the art. Love Michael’s script. Pacing is great and the characterisation is spiffing. Dredd has been a brick wall to Joyce’s ‘My Dad’ chatter but outside earshot of the Emerald Isle Judge he acknowledges that Judge Sargent Joyce was a good man.

This is good Dredd.

Brass Sun: Sláine: Book of Scars part 4

Script: Ian Edginton
Art: INJ Culbard
Letters: Ellie De Ville

One or more protagonists are captured and the plot expounded? CHECK!

Ungrateful spoilt child committing patricide? CHECK!

Hidden escape equipment in a shoe? CHECK!

What fun! I enjoyed this and I didn’t even have any ginger beer! (I’m not being sarcastic, well I am… but I really am enjoying this and it could only be better with some ginger beer)

Flesh: Badlanders part 4

Writer: Pat Mills
Art: James McKay
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Vegas uses her womanly charms on T-Rex… ok…

I’m feeling a tad disappointed that these rebels don’t seem more like Confederates gone wild after the American Civil War. That’d have been my angle.

Aquila: Where all Roads Lead part 3

Writer: Gordon Rennie
Art: Patrick Goddard
Colours: Gary Calowell
Letters: Ellie De Ville

Six dead Praetorians? I remember more but right now last Prog isn’t to hand – maybe he just hurt some.

Lots of things that will come together quite squishily I believe.

Damnation Station: The Tail of the Dragon part 1

Script: Al Ewing
Art: Mark Harrison
Letters: Simon Bowland

Lovely panels and a story with so much heart. Quite an interesting episode. The Ewing droid writes well.

Next Prog

More of the above…


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