Daemonium Saga – Trailer for Episode 3 is out

Episode 3 of the Argentinean Sci-Fi series Daemonium is due to be on You Tube on Friday December 13th at 22:00 (Buenos Aires time) or Saturday 14th December 01:00 GMT (UTC)

I reviewed Episode 2 of this series, La Hora Cero, after it won the Grand Prize at Wastelands Festival. There is an embeded copy of the film in the review as well as a copy of Episode 1.

Since watching Daemonium: La Hora Cero I’ve been looking forward to the third installment. The Trailer is below, watch it then read on to see my comments.

Starting with a flashback to La Hora Cero where the magician Lucio Fulcanelli tries to reason with Razor before the encounter with the Daemon at the portal…

So it seems we will learn more of the background of Razor. We also will be learning more about Ursula and seeing inside Teo-City. We also see Loli from Episode 1, Bautismo. In fact, it looks like we’ll learn a lot more about the whole setting. I wonder if we will find out what was in the box!

The action scenes look great and the costumes look as good as the earlier episodes. Very much looking forward to the release and I hope you’ll join me to watch the full episode in 5 weeks’ time.

4 comments on “Daemonium Saga – Trailer for Episode 3 is out

  1. Jotar says:

    Thanks for the review!

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