Thought Bubble Comic Convention, Royal Armouries Leeds, 23rd & 24th November.

thoughtbubble logoheadnew2013Only a few days left before the largest ever Thought Bubble Comic Convention, the culmination of a week (actually longer than a week this year) of Comic related fun around Leeds.

I’ve been twice to Thought Bubble, 2011 & 2012, and had a great time both years.

The Convention is of course mostly for Comic creators to show their wares and for the public to get to meet some of the talented people that make the wonderful books we read.

I’ve put together a Reviews Booklet containing some edited versions of some of the reviews from this site. I’ve concentrated on items I expect to be there or at least by Creators who are in attendance.

A copy of the document can be downloaded here – REVIEWS – please feel free to share this link around. I will have some copies with me at the Convention but feel free to print it for yourself if you want, print it for a friend even. You may find copies at Table 1 in Allied London Hall.

I hope to have as many as possible of the creators reviewed in the booklet autograph a copy to offer as a prize in a forthcoming competition.

You may see me wandering the Convention dressed in chainmail wearing a silver demon mask. Stop me and say ‘Hi!’.

Also of course there are a variety of talks and demonstrations, a full program is available on the Thought Bubble site HERE.

I previously publicised the competition 2000AD Portfolio Competition, always a highlight for me. Another highlight will be the 2000AD panel moderated by  Stacey Whittle and Iz McCauliffe, and featuring Simon Davis, Al Ewing, Henry Flint, Si Spurrier, Rob Williams, and Ben Willsher. No appologies for highlighting 2000AD events… look at the Judge Badge for signs of bias.

I hope everyone attending has a great Convention!

*** more obvious self publicity below ***

This year I will be attending as an Exhibitor and will be there as part of the Tower Games table, Table 1 in the Allied London Hall. Tower Games is a small independent Roleplaying Game Publisher. Tower Games Founder, Steve Garnett, will be at the table dressed as a NYPD Dective (more on that later…). At the table they will be selling back issues of 2000AD, DC, Vertigo, Marvel. There will be some RPG items available and one of my friends, Ian Quarmby, is a local artist who works in oils and will be available to take commissions.

I am planning on running linked to my fiction, the point to the costumes Steve Garnett, myself and my son and his fiance will be wearing at the Convention is to publicise a series of stories I will be publishing next year. We will have four mini-books to give away. More on that on Saturday when I launch the IT connected to that project.

Obviously I won’t be reviewing my own work… But I will be pointing links to the relevant sites.

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