Competition – Reviews Booklet signed by Creators reviewed within

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was at Thought Bubble Comic Convention and I printed a Reviews Booklet to give away at the event. Now one of those is a prize in this competition.

In the booklet I put edited versions of some of the comics I have reviewed over the last year. Loosely grouping them under headings of ‘Small Press’, ‘Creator Owned’, ‘International’ and ‘Rebellion’. I also put, to the best of my knowledge at date and time of publication, where the product & or creator, could be located.

I took 2 copies around with me and tried to get as many autographs from creators that were present. I obtained 12 signatures, eleven different creators with two signatures being from one of them.

The signatures are on the reviews for:


Zarjaz, Dogbreath and Drokk!  – Commissioning Editor – Bolt-01 (includes a drawing of Dredd)  


The Psychadelic Journal of Time Travel 2013 – Editor – Owen Watts

The Psychadelic Journal of Time Travel 2013 – Assistant Editor – Geoffery Crescent


Vampire Vixens of The WehrMacht – Writer/Artist – Alex Ronald

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADeath Sentence – Artist – Mike Dowling

Death Sentence – Writer – Montynero


Six Gun Gorilla – Writer – Simon Spurrior

Six Gun Gorilla – Artist – Jeff Stokley

Fatale – Artist – Sean Phillips

Mars Attacks Writer – Al Ewing

Mars Attacks Artist – John McCrea

Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction Artist – Ben Wilsher

Judge Dredd: Trifecta Writer – Simon Spurrier

I’m giving away this item as a prize to a competition. The competition links in to my own fiction as you will see in the details below.

The Competition

I am writing a series of short stories that will be available free on the internet. Eventually if I find an Artist I hope to publish illustrated novellas.

More details about this can be found at

In these stories there is a planet that has no polar ice caps, it is a water world with no large continents but a number of island chains. In the Northern Hemisphere is a large set of islands called The Empire. It is a sea faring community similar to Europeans in the 17th and 18th century. They have colonised widely.

There are other independent islands who live outside the Law of The Empire. Under the Law of The empire all inhabitants are declared Pirate. Most aren’t anything like Pirates, they just live in small communities outside the control of The Empire.

The world is so far unnamed.

To Win

Suggest a unique and original name for the world. This would be the name that The Empire use when referring to the world.

From the suggestions received one will be selected and the prize would be sent to the winner.

To Enter

E-mail your suggestion to me at

Please include in the e-mail confirmation that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions and the name you wish to use if your entry is selected.

Terms and Conditions

The winning entry will be announced on the Judge-Tutor Semple Blog on 22/12/13.

No obscene, offensive or previously copyrighted entries will be accepted.

All suggestions must include only letters from a latin based alphabet and no numbers or special characters.

All decisions regarding the winner are final and no correspondence will be entered in to regarding disputes of the decision on the winning entry.

The organiser, Steve Hargett reserves the right to reject an entry for other reasons prior to the decision of the winner.

Copyright of the use of the chosen winning entry is transferred to me, Steve Hargett. As well as being announced on the Judge-Tutor Semple blog the name of the winning entrant will be recorded on The Rift Facebook Page and WordPress Page as set by the entrant.

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