2013 A Year in Words

2013 has been a great year for me in terms of my writing. I’ve had a ball!!!

Firstly, this Blog. This is the first full year that I’ve been writing it. I started it in September 2012 for a Judge Dredd Play by Forum Role-Playing Game that didn’t take off. I converted it in to a reviews site in November 2012.

January I wrote about Lyra and Miki, the Polar Bears featured in a BBC documentary from Ted Oakes and Gordon Buchanan.  This proved to be one of the most popular articles throughout the year as the show rolled around the globe. Sadly we’ve heard nothing of Lyra and Miki’s fate for many months now.

I also wrote more about the 2012 Dredd film during 2013, given that this started out as a Dredd PBF RPG site the bias was bound to show. Continue reading

Death of Valiant by David McDonald

One Eyed Jack and The Death of Valiant

Published by Hibernia
November 2012

Written by David McDonald
Edited by Mike Donachie
Layout by Richard Pearce and Dave Evans


The Death of Valiant
The last year of the classic comic
From Red to Dredd
An interview with John Cooper
Wagner’s Heroes
An interview with John Wagner
One-Eyed Jack
The origin of Judge Dredd
Art Attack
A look at the hidden works of the Art Director Continue reading

Exit Generation – issue 1 of 4 – spoiler light

Exit Generation – A Creator Owned Project

Writer: Sam Read
Artist: Caio Olivera
Cover Artist: Ramon Villalobos
Colours: Ruth Redmond
Letters: Colin Bell
Editor: Adam P Knave

Print available at OK Comics, Leeds and other retail outlets
Digital available from Read French Comics £1.00

I picked this up at OK Comics Christmas Event, Thursday 12th December – hence the Sam Read autograph on my copy on the right.

The story starts in 2025. Overcrowding of Earth has led to food and water shortages. These shortages led to civil disobedience. So an Exit strategy is hatched… 2035 the Exit Project is completed and 95% of the population leave, leaving 5% in a mess. I’ll gloss over that part as it is spoiler territory to say much. Continue reading

Death Sentence – Issue 3 – by Montynero & Mike Dowling (spoilers)

Death Sentence
A creator owned project

Published by Titan Comics
11th December 2013

Writer: Montynero
Art: Mike Dowling
Letters: Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

Cover: Montynero

The story continues at a pace, revealing more of the powers our heroes have developed. This issue shows us some of Monty’s life before fame and delves into the depths of his depravity. Verity gets to know the people that captured her. Weasel is on the run and visits his son, perhaps for the last time.

We have a cast of damaged people. Weasel has thrown a lot away in his life and we see his human side, some frailty. Monty has evolved from someone abused to an abuser, he takes his abuse of power to mind blowing heights. Verity is our window in to the story, the more constant human element. Continue reading

DAEMONIUM: Hanya Shibari – full video embeded (spoilers)

The third installment of DAEMONIUM was released on Friday 13, December 2013. I had PC issues, my sound card was malfunctioning, so my review is later than planned.

I came across this series by chance. The prevcious episode La Hora Cero, attained  the Grand Prize at Wastelands Festival. I learnt this from the organiser of the festival Jared Butler who I know through his work on Judge Minty, he was the voice of Judge Dredd.

So with Jared thinking it was good I judged it worth a watch. I’ve reviewed La Hora Cero and you can see that and episode 1, Bautismo, in that article here. I’d suggest you watch those films first, it’ll only take about 45 minutes to watch both. Continue reading

2000AD publishes free teaser e-comics for Christmas!

2000AD have put together two PDF sampler comics that are free for all to download. Though one is aimed at the UK market and one at the US market neither are in fact restricted to any border. You can download either or both regardless of where you live.

Both sport the festive cover to the left with no variation and I’ve included a list of contents for each with a link to the download.

The US version includes Diamond order codes for the North American edition that features the story. The UK version assumes some knowledge of the product.

Hope you enjoy the free read!

UK Version features:

Defoe 1666 by Pat Mills and Leigh Gallagher
Cradlegrave by John Smith and Edmund Bagwell
Insurrection by Dan Abnett and Colin MacNeil

US Version features:

Judge Dredd: Mr Buzz by John Wagner and Ian Gibson
Young Death: Boyhood of a Superfiend by John Wagner and Peter Doherty
The Ten-Seconders: The American Dream by Rob Williams and Mark Harrison
Zombo: The Day The Zombo Died by Al Ewing and Henry Flint
Button Man: The Killing Game by John Wagner and Arthur Ranson





Six Gun Gorilla (part 6) – Si Spurrier & Jeff Stokely (spoiler light)

Six Gun Gorilla
A six issue series
Published by Boom!

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Jeff Stokely
Letterer: Steve Wands

Six-Gun Gorilla Created by Creators Unknown
This version created by Simon Spurrier

He ain’t heavy; he’s his gorilla.

Blue 3452 and Six Gun Gorilla’s journey comes to an end. There are plenty of surprises, though very much hinted at in Issue 5. Indeed in the first issue there are hints to the secret of The Blister. Blue 3452 is after all a man; not a number.

I had a chat, individually, with Si Spurrier and Jeff Stokely at Thought Bubble in Leeds last month. They kindly signed a review booklet I had printed out; I was giving away copies for free to publicise this blog and some of the great comics I’ve reviewed. Continue reading

Department of Monsterology issue 3 – PREVIEW (minor spoilers)

Department of Monsterology
Monsterology3 coverbMonsterology3 coverIssue 3 of 4

Published by Renegade Arts
In shops December 18th 2013

Writer: Gordon Rennie

Artist: PJ Holden

Colours: Steven Denton

Letters: Jim Campbell

Editor: Alexander Finbow

The creator owned title has had nine re-orders from Diamond for Issuje 1 which is great news. You can read my preview elsewhere on this blog. You can also read interviews with PJ Holden (artist) and Jim Campbel (letterer). Continue reading

An Interview with Tom Foster – Winner of 2013 2000AD Portfolio Competition at Thought Bubble

I first heard of Tom in 2011 at Thought Bubble, he came second in the 2000AD Portfolio Competition. But I recall him very clearly from 2012 2000AD Portfolio Competition at Thought Bubble, where he came second.

This year I bumped in to him in the queue to the 2000AD Portfolio Competition at Thought Bubble. What an amazing coincidence… Well OK maybe not. He came second in the first two years this competition was on so I kind of expected to see him there. Continue reading

An Interview with Jason Kingsley – CEO of Rebellion

When I told  friend I’d secured an interview with Jason Kingsley he was impressed. What did this friend know about Jason?

Well firstly he knew Jason is CEO of Rebellion, the PC Game, Comic and Book publishing company. He knew that Rebellion own 2000AD & Judge Dredd. So he could see exactly why I wanted to interview Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion. Continue reading